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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Chapter 012 Section 014, Revised StatutesAn Act to amend the 14th Section of Chapter 12 relating to local parishes1863
2ChurchesAn Act authorizing parishes in certain cases to procure insurance upon buildings used for religious purposes1850
3Clark, Philo and othersReport on the petition that a law explanatory of the Law relating to parishes may be passed1829
4Committee On Incorporation of ParishesSee Petitions 1828 GY 51-20
5Insurance, Buildings for Religious PurposesAn Act authorizing parishes in certain cases to procure insurance upon buildings used for religious purposes1850
6Maine Revised StatutesReport on the Order relative to repealing the 13th Section of the 18th Chapter of the Revised Statutes relating to membership of parishes1853
7Means, JohnPetition of, regarding ministerial lands in Sedgwick be referred to the Joint Standing Committee on incorporation of Parishes and other religious societies1822
8Ministerial LandsResolve requiring Clerks of Towns and Parishes holding parsonage lands or funds to transmit a statement thereof to the Secretary of State1833
9ParishesAn Act regarding1821
10ParishesAn Act in addition to an Act concerning1825
11ParishesSee Augusta 1826 PS 39-6
12ParishesOrder referring certain petitions to the Committee on1827
13ParishesSee North Yarmouth First Parish 1828 PS 49-14
14ParishesSee Fairfield, John, Agent 1828 GY 52-33
15ParishesReport on the Order of altering the law concerning1829
16ParishesSee Clark, Philo and others 1829 GY 55-35
17ParishesSee Bridgton South Parish 1829 PS 58-65
18ParishesReport on the Order to consider whether any further provisions of law are necessary for the regulation of, and Religious Societies1830
19ParishesSee Shapleigh First Parish 1830 PS 65-41
20ParishesSee Emerson, Charles O. 1831 GY 67-5
21ParishesSee Parsonsfield South Parish 1832 PS 88-91
22ParishesSee Ministerial Funds 1833 PS 94-63
23ParishesReport on the Order for a law that no person shall become a member of any Parish without consent of both Member and Parish1833
24ParishesSee Ministerial Lands 1833 RS 42-83
25ParishesSee Bath First Parish 1835 PS 116-95

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