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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Letter of Resignation as Senator from Penobscot County1836
2Report on the Petition that the Town of Bucksport may be set off from Hancock County and annexed to Penobscot County1837
3Report on the Petition that the law regulating appointment of Surveyor General of Lumber, Penobscot County may be altered1837
4An Act to repeal an Act requiring the use of broad rimmed wheels in Penobscot County on the west side of the Penobscot River1837
5Report on the Petition that 5 Penobscot County towns be set off and annexed to Piscataquis and the remonstrance of Gorham Davis and others1839
6Report on the Petition that the Town of Cambridge, Ripley, Dexter, Garland, Charleston and Bradford may be set off from Penobscot County and annexed to Piscataquis County, and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Cambridge and others1839
7Report on the Petition of the Selectmen that the said Town may be relieved from the Penobscot County Tax1839
8Report on the Petition for the repeal of the law regulating the survey of lumber in Penobscot County1839
9Report on the Petition that the town of Atkinson may be discharged from the Penobscot County Tax1839
10An Act establishing, and remonstrance of Inhabitants of Penobscot County1839
11Report on the Petition of Isaac R. Clark that taxes on Township 2, Range 8 Penobscot County, may be investigated1855
12Academies, Schools and CollegesA bill in aid to Patten Academy, Penobscot County1864
13Agricultural SocietiesReport on the Petition of the President and Trustees of the Penobscot County Agricultural Society that the Legislature will grant them aid1853
14Aroostook CountyReport on the Order in relation to taking the 6th and 7th, Ranges of Townships WELS from Penobscot County to Aroostook County and taking the 8th, Range of said Townships from Penobscot County and annexing the same to Piscataquis County1842
15Aroostook CountyReport on an Act to set off a part of Penobscot County and annex the same to Aroostook County1842
16Aroostook CountyReport on the Order relative to setting off Townships 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the 5th, Range from Aroostook County and annexing the same to Penobscot County1842
17Aroostook CountyAn Act setting off the Northerly part of Penobscot County and annexing the same to the County of Aroostook1843
18Aroostook County Townships, Fifth RangeReport on the Petition of James S. Mitchell and others that the fifth range of townships in Aroostook County may be set off to Penobscot County and the remonstrance of John B. Fairbrother and others1841
19BangorCommunication from the Penobscot County Commissioners relative to a Charter for a Steam or Horse Power Ferry from Bangor to Brewer1846
20BangorReport on the Petition of John Williams, Register of Probate for Penobscot County for an increase of salary1848
21BangorReport on the Petition of Samuel H. Blake and others that the time of holding the May Term of the District Courts in Penobscot County be changed from the fourth to the first Tuesday of May1849
22BangorAn Act to incorporate the Penobscot County Steam Flour Mill Company1852
23BangorAn Act to incorporate the Penobscot County Fairground Company1864
24Bangor MayorReport on the petition of the Mayor of Bangor regarding an additional term of the Supreme Judicial Court for criminal trials in Penobscot County1861
25BelmontRemonstrances of Inhabitants of Monroe and Frankfort to be set off from Hancock County to Penobscot County1821

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