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26BenedictaReport on the Order relative to setting off Townships 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the 5th, Range from Aroostook County and annexing the same to Penobscot County1842
27Blackman, Bradley and othersReport on the Petition for assistance to build a bridge across Great Works Stream in Plantation No.4, Penobscot County1832
28Blake, Samuel H. and othersReport on the Petition of Samuel H. Blake and others that the time of holding the May Term of the District Courts in Penobscot County be changed from the fourth to the first Tuesday of May1849
29BoardAn Act relating to board of persons in Penobscot County Jail1864
30Boyd, John P.Petition to exempt T1R6 in Penobscot County from taxes, for a certain period of years1823
31Bradbury, True and othersReport on the petition that the north section of Washington County may be annexed to Penobscot County1827
32BrewerCommunication from the Penobscot County Commissioners relative to a Charter for a Steam or Horse Power Ferry from Bangor to Brewer1846
33Brown, Benjamin and anotherReport on the petition for indeminity because of deficiency of land purchased of the State in T 1 R 4 WELS, Penobscot County (Macwahoc)1829
34BucksportReport on the Petition of Colyer Snow and others that a part of Bucksport in Hancock County be set off and annexed to Orrington in Penobscot County and remonstrance of Sewall Lake and others1845
35Carpenter, Joshua, Penobscot County SheriffReport on the Petition of Joshua Carpenter that as Sheriff of Penobscot County, further allowance be made him for distributing surplus blanks1841
36CarrollReport on the Petition of John Getchell and others that the Inhabitants of T06R02 NBPP may be annexed to Penobscot County1841
37CarrollReport on the Order relative to taking from the County of Washington so much of Townships # 5,6,7 in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Ranges and # 7 in the 4th, Range North of Bingham Purchase and annex the same to Penobscot County1843
38CharlestonReport on the Petition of Solomon Dunning and others that the Town of Charleston may be set off from Penobscot County and annexed to Piscataquis County1841
39Chesley, Samuel and othersReport on the petition that aid might be granted to enable them to build a road through Plantation #1 Range 8 NWP (Chester) in Penobscot County1829
40Civil WarResolve in favor of the Town of Lowell for aid furnished to soldiers families in Plantation 1 N.D., Penobscot County1864
41Clay, Jonathan and othersResolve granting certain power to the County Commissioners of Penobscot County1850
42ClerksReport on a bill for an Act relating to the duties of Assistant Clerk of Court for Penobscot County1865
43Common Pleas Court, Penobscot CountyAn Act altering the time of holding the, in Penobscot County1834
44County Attorney, Penobscot CountyAn Act to increase the salary of the County Attorney of the County of Penobscot1850
45County Attorney, Penobscot CountyAn Act to establish the salary of the County Attorney of the County of Penobscot1854
46County Commissioners Court, Penobscot CountyAn Act to enable the Inhabitants of the Town of Howland to petition the Court of Commissioners to discontinue a highway1861
47County Commissioners, Penobscot CountyAn Act to authorize the, to expend money for repair of a road in Dutton1832
48County Commissioners, Penobscot CountyAn Act to alter the time of holding a meeting of the1832
49County Commissioners, Penobscot CountySee Mattawamkeag Road 1835 RS 49-66
50County Commissioners, Penobscot CountyReport on the Petition of Samuel Cony and others for Legislative Aid to the Town of Old Town to build a road1842

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