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51Penobscot IndiansResolve respecting the1822
52Penobscot IndiansResolve respecting the1823
53Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of the1823
54Penobscot IndiansResolve authorizing the Governor to negotiate with the, for the transfer of their islands to the State1824
55Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of the1824
56Penobscot IndiansReport on the petition of J. R. Wadleigh and others that compensation be made for abuses by Indians1824
57Penobscot IndiansSee Indians 1826 PL 41-52
58Penobscot IndiansAn Act to incorporate a Society for the benefit of the1826
59Penobscot IndiansResolve for the benefit of1826
60Penobscot IndiansSee French, William 1827 GY 48-11
61Penobscot IndiansResolve authorizing the Tribe of, to sell Nicatou Island1828
62Penobscot IndiansAn Act concerning the Tribe of1828
63Penobscot IndiansResolve relating to the settlement of the accounts of the Agent of the Tribe of1828
64Penobscot IndiansReport on the Order authorizing the Governor by Resolve of 1824 to negotiate with the, for transfer of the Islands in the Penobscot River to the State1829
65Penobscot IndiansResolve authorizing the, to sell Smith's Island1829
66Penobscot IndiansPapers in relation to treating with the, for the Mattawamkeag Townships1830
67Penobscot IndiansResolve authorizing the, to sell two townships of land and pine timber1830
68Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of the Tribe of1830
69Penobscot IndiansResolve to enable the, to sell Pine Island in Penobscot River1831
70Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of the1831
71Penobscot IndiansSee Tomer, Peol 1832 RS 35-8
72Penobscot IndiansSee Indian Lands 1832 RS 38-111
73Penobscot IndiansSee Paley, Daniel J. 1832 GY 75-48
74Penobscot IndiansSee Treat, Joseph 1832 GY 74-28
75Penobscot IndiansSee Indian Lands 1833 GY 80-24

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