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76Penobscot IndiansSee Tomer, Peol 1833 GY 79-32
77Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of the Tribe of1833
78Penobscot IndiansSee Indian Lands Purchase 1833 RS 40-42
79Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of the Tribe of1834
80Penobscot IndiansSee Toma, Peol 1834 RS 45-51
81Penobscot IndiansReport on a Resolve in favor of the tribe of1834
82Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition that a certain deed from the Indians to the State may not be made valid1834
83Penobscot IndiansReport on a Resolve relating to land purchased belonging to the1834
84Penobscot IndiansAn Act additional to the several Acts for the better regulation and management of the Tribe of1835
85Penobscot IndiansSee Tomah, Peol and other Penobscot Indians 1835 GY 93-28
86Penobscot IndiansAn Act to repeal certain Acts authorizing the Indian Agent to sell timber standing on lands belonging to the Tribe of1835
87Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of Peol Tomer and Captain Atian,1835
88Penobscot IndiansResolve in favor of John Neptune, Jo Sockbasin and Peol Molley1835
89Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of Tomer Socalixis and others, Penobscot Indians, for a change in the distribution of their funds1841
90Penobscot IndiansResolve for payment of bounty to the Penobscot Indians upon agricultural productions1841
91Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of Peol Tomah for remuneration for loss of land1841
92Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of John Atean and others that no change be made in the laws and usages of the Penobscot Indians1841
93Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of Tomar Socalixis and others for a law authorizing the Penobscot Indians to elect a Governor biannually1841
94Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of Peol Polis that the State furnish the means to enable him to learn to read and write the English Language1841
95Penobscot IndiansResolve to pay the expenses of certain Indians of the Penobscot Tribe1842
96Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Indians relative to an Act providing for the appointment of certain Officers of the Indian Tribes1842
97Penobscot IndiansReport on the memorial of Toma Socklexis and others and the credentials of Peol Toma, Governor and Representative of the Penobscot Tribe, relative to Government of said Tribe1843
98Penobscot IndiansReport on a Resolve in favor of certain Penobscot Indians1843
99Penobscot IndiansReport on the Order relative to selling price of timber on Orson Island belonging to the Indians1844
100Penobscot IndiansReport on the Petition of Peol Molly of the Penobscot Tribe of Indians for certain privileges in regard to their lands1844

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