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276Public LandsResolve in favor of Martha Phipps for a lot in Plymouth Grant1862
277Public LandsResolve authorizing the sale of half lots of swamp and meadow lands unsuitable for settlement1862
278Public LandsResolve in favor of Shirley Rollins for a lot of land in Township 12 Range 41862
279Public LandsResolve in aid of building mills in Township 3 Range 4 WBKP in the County of Franklin1862
280Public LandsResolve in aid of building mills at Island Falls in Township 4 Range 4 in the County of Aroostook1862
281Public LandsReport on the petition of S.P. Hews and others that the Land Agent may be authorized to deed certain lands to settlers1862
282Public LandsReport on the Resolve to authorize the Land Agent to sell certain lands set apart for the benefit of common schools1862
283Public LandsResolve in favor of Isaac Wortman for a lot of land in Township C Range 11862
284Public LandsReport on the petition of David Weston and others of Plymouth Grant that the Land Agent deed him land in compensation for loss of part of a lot 1862
285Public LandsResolve authorizing the conveyance of a section of land to the executors of the last will and testament of Nathan Winslow1862
286Public LandsResolve to amend a Resolve approved March 9, 1860 in favor of Isaac Wilder1862
287Public LandsResolve giving an extension of time to John Demerett and William H. Ireland for the payment of money due the State1862
288Public LandsResolve in aid of building a saw mill in the Town of Maysville1862
289Public LandsResolve in favor of Levi Sewall, father and heir at law of George M. Sewall1862
290Public LandsResolve locating and designating certain lands for settlement1863
291Public LandsA bill to appropriate a certain portion of Public Lands as foundation of a fund for Common Schools to supply the place of the Bank Tax1864
292Public LandsA bill to pay $1000 to Trustees of China Academy from sales of timber and lumber from Public Lands1864
293Public LandsA bill to make plundering on Public Lands punishable by fine1864
294Public LandsResolve authorizing the Land Agent to investigate the title to the State's lot in the Town of Barnard1864
295Public LandsA bill to grant one township of land to any College or Seminary and two townships of land set apart for Common Schools1864
296Public LandsSee Land Agent
297Public Lands AuctionReport on the Petition of Ira Wadleigh and others that permits to cut timber on the Public Lands may be sold at auction1842
298Public Lands LoggingResolve allowing the right to cut spruce lumber off the State Land in Township 6 Range 6 WELS1863
299Public Lands SettlementResolve extending the terms of the laws for the settlement of the public lands to volunteers1862
300Public Lands TrespassResolve in relation to trespass committed on the public lands1842

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