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151Public AssistanceReport on the order relative to support of the poor so as to provide for sale and conveyance of real estate of married women who become chargeable as paupers1828
152Railroad Real EstateAn Act to provide for the taxation of railroads and railroad property in this State1843
153Railroad Real Estate TaxReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Kennebunk that real estate of railroads may be taxable in towns where such roads are located1842
154Real EstateAn Act respecting executors, administrators, and guardians, and the conveyance of1821
155Real EstateAn Act directing the manner in which inquests of office shall be taken to revest, in the State1821
156Real EstateSee Smith, Benjamin 1822 GY 11-4
157Real EstateSee Thayer, Solomon 1822 GY 12-25
158Real EstateAn Act respecting Executors, Administrators and Guardians, and the conveyance of Real Estate in certain cases1826
159Real EstateReport on the order for a bill respecting attachments of1827
160Real EstateSee Attachment of rights 1828 GY 54-13
161Real EstateSee Public Assistance 1828 GY 54-25
162Real EstateSee Taxes 1829 GY 57-51
163Real EstateSee Pratt, Levi H. and others 1829 GY 56-14
164Real EstateReport relative to an Act regulating attachments on1829
165Real EstateReport relative to allowing the interest of mortages in, to be subject to attachment1830
166Real EstateResolve authorizing the Land Agent to redeem certain, for the purpose of securing a debt due the State1830
167Real EstateReport on the Order relative to exempting from attachment, to a certain amount, the life right of a husband in his wife's1830
168Real EstateSee Assessors Survey 1830 PS 68-79
169Real EstateReport on the Order prohibiting in certain cases any person from conveying property to Literary Institutions1830
170Real EstateSee Cazeaux, Elizabeth 1830 GY 63-41
171Real EstateReport on the Order prohibiting persons from giving their property to religious institutions and societies in certain cases1830
172Real EstateSee Probate Courts 1831 GY 67-39
173Real EstateAn Act making further provision for the partition of1831
174Real EstateReport on the Order relating to mortgaged property1831
175Real EstateReport on the Order of amending the law so that, shall be holden for taxes whether the same be assessed to the owner thereof, or to the occupant1832

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