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201Real EstateAn Act additional to Chapter 94 of the Revised Statutes1847
202Real EstateResolve on the Petition of Elizabeth Joy, John B. Joy, Ellen M. Joy, Daniel Austin, Hannah Austin, John F. Loring, Henry Andrews, James W. Paige and Amos Cotting1847
203Real EstateAn Act authorizing the taxation of equitable interests in real estate in certain cases1847
204Real EstateAn Act to repeal the proviso in the 5th Section of Chapter l28 of the Revised Statutes1847
205Real EstateReport on the Petition of Eleanor Tallman that she may have authority to sell certain real estate1847
206Real EstateReport on an Act to amend the 38th Section of Chapter ll4 of the Revised Statutes1847
207Real EstateReport on a Resolve in favor of Isaac Fletcher1847
208Real EstateReport on the Petition of Pelatiah Freeman and others that certain real estate may be exempt from attachment and sale on execution1848
209Real EstateAn Act giving further remedies to tenants in common1848
210Real EstateResolve in favor of the Widow and Children of John G. Deane1848
211Real EstateAn Act in addition to the 147th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1848
212Real EstateReport on an Order relative to a Bill in relation to liens1848
213Real EstateResolve in favor of Abner B. Thompson and the heirs of Roscoe G. Greene, deceased1848
214Real EstateReport on an Order relative to the Registry of Deeds of real estate1848
215Real EstateReport on the Order relative to an Act allowing aliens to hold real estate1848
216Real EstateReport on Orders relative to costs in actions of escape; exempting a specified amount of property from attachment instead of specific articles; amending Section 20 of Chapter 98 of the Revised Statutes, and exempting two horses from attachment1848
217Real EstateReport on an Act to exempt a dwelling house and lot from attachment1848
218Real EstateResolve in favor of Moses Peirce1848
219Real EstateResolve on the Petition of Sarah W. Hale1848
220Real EstateReport on an Act in addition to an Act to secure a certain amount of property from attachment approved August 2, 18471848
221Real EstateReport on the Petition of Mary Walker for authority to sell real estate1848
222Real EstateReport on the Petition of George Wells and others for a law exempting certain real estate from attachment1848
223Real EstateAn Act additional to an Act concerning assignments1849
224Real EstateResolve in favor of Sarah W. Hale1849
225Real EstateAn Act to authorize the taxation of real estate owned by literary institutions1849

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