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251SalariesReport on a bill that the salary of Elijah Weston's salary may be increased as Register of Probate for Sagadahoc County1865
252SalariesAn Act to increase the salary of the Register of Probate for the County of Hancock1865
253SalariesReport on a bill for an increase of pay of jurors1865
254SalariesAn Act to increase the salary and duties of the State Librarian1865
255SalariesAn Act to increase the salary of the Register of Probate for the County of York1865
256SalariesResolve in favor of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the Penobscot Tribe of Indians1865
257SalariesReport on a bill for an increase in compensation for jurymen in Lincoln County1865
258SalariesResolve on the payroll of the House of Representatives1865
259SalariesAn Act to establish the salaries of the Judge of Probate and Register of Probate for the County of Piscataquis1865
260SalariesReport on a bill for a Resolve fixing the compensation to be paid to Clerks employed in the Office of the Adjutant General1865
261SalariesOrder in relation to salaries and fees of Register of Deeds and Judges and Registers of Probate1865
262SalariesResolve on the payroll of the Senate1865
263SalariesReport on a bill for an increase of salary for the Clerk of the Judicial Courts in Cumberland County1865
264SalariesReport that all bills, petitions and orders relating to salaries of County Officers be taken from the files and referred to a Special Committee1865
265SalariesOrder on the compensation allowed for Hall and Wait, employed as engrossing clerks, for night work1865
266SalariesReport on a bill for an increase of fees for Register of Probate and increase of salary for Judge and Register of Probate for Franklin County1865
267Salaries, Joint Committee OnOrder for the, to consider repealing an Act fixing the salaries of the Council, Senate and House, passed February 23, 18241827
268Salaries, Registers of ProbateSee Probate Registers Salaries 1830 PL 68-83
269Salaries, Supreme Judicial Court JusticesSee Supreme Judicial Court Justices 1832 GY 72-38
270Senate Paper 07An Act requiring additional duties and providing an increase of the salaries of the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court1864
271Senate SalariesSee Council Salaries 1824 PL 30-86
272Senate SalariesSee Salaries, Joint Committee on 1827 GY 49-5
273Sheriffs SalariesAn Act concerning1828
274Smith, Joseph S. and othersReport on a bill to increase the salaries of the Supreme Judicial Court Judges1861
275Soldiers, SalariesResolve to encourage allotments by volunteers1862

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