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226SalariesResolve in favor of Joseph Nichola and Solomon Francis and family1862
227SalariesResolve on the payroll of the Senate1862
228SalariesResolve for the payment of the Medical Board1862
229SalariesReport on establishing salaries of Cumberland County Court Officers1862
230SalariesReport on a bill that George B. Knight and Simeon Walton receive additional pay for military service1863
231SalariesOrder to the Secretary of State for make-up pay for Hon. John C. Talbot and Hon. George Walker1863
232SalariesReport on a bill regarding the compensation of our Superintendent of Schools1863
233SalariesOrder relating to the pay of James M. Lincoln for services as Secretary1863
234SalariesOrder for extra pay for Sen. George A. Starr from Knox due to sickness1863
235SalariesAn Act defining the salary and compensation of the Land Agent1863
236SalariesResolve on the payroll of the House of Representatives1863
237SalariesReport on a bill for an additional Law Term of the Supreme Judicial Court and an increase in the salary of judges1863
238SalariesResolve for the payroll of the Senate1863
239SalariesReport on a bill to establish compensation of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court in Penobscot County1863
240SalariesA bill for compensation of County Treasurer of Androscoggin County by salary instead of by law as now provided1864
241SalariesA bill that compensation may be allowed to Frederick D. Sewall for military services as Colonel of the 19th Maine Regiment at Bath1864
242SalariesAn Act to establish the compensation of the County Treasurer of the County of Cumberland1864
243SalariesAn Order for the pay of the Reporter to be $2001864
244SalariesA bill relating to the manner in which County Treasurers are paid, as that they shall be paid by a salary1864
245SalariesResolve on the payroll of the Senate1864
246SalariesResolve for the payroll of the House of Representatives1864
247SalariesAn Act requiring additional duties and providing an increase of the salaries of the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court1864
248SalariesAn Act to increase the salary of the Register of Probate for the County of Franklin1864
249SalariesAn Act relating to the duties and compensation of the Secretary of State and the clerks employed by him1864
250SalariesResolve on the payroll of the House of Representatives1865

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