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126SalariesReport on an Act increasing the, of the Adjutant General and the Secretary of State1823
127SalariesReport for an additional Act to an Act establishing, of certain officers1827
128SalariesSee Officers, Public 1827 GY 48-6
129SalariesReport on a bill fixing the compensation of the Clerks of the Senate and House1827
130SalariesReport on the returns of Registers of Probate regarding1827
131SalariesSee Register of Deeds 1828 GY 54-42
132SalariesAn additional Act respecting, of Judges and Registers of Probate1828
133SalariesSee Supreme Judicial Court Justices 1829 GY 58-46
134SalariesSee Officers 1830 GY 63-47
135SalariesReport on an additional Act respecting, of Judges and Registers of Probate1831
136SalariesSee Dickinson, John 1832 GY 76-18
137SalariesSee Probate Judges 1832 GY 74-24
138SalariesSee Probate, Registers of 1834 PL 100-17
139SalariesSee Bath Municipal Court 1835 PS 116-87
140SalariesSee Clerks of Court 1835 GY 90-43
141SalariesSee Townsend, Drummond 1835 GY 92-42
142SalariesSee Officers Salaries 1835 GY 91-24
143SalariesSee Sawtelle, Cullen 1835 GY 93-35
144SalariesReport on the Petition of Samuel Gooch for an increase of salary as Register of Probate for Aroostook County1843
145SalariesReport on the Order relative to an Act establishing salaries for County Commissioners1844
146SalariesReport on the Order to inquire if any alteration is necessary in the laws establishing the salaries of County Attorneys1844
147SalariesAn Act to establish the salary of the Probate Judge in Waldo County1844
148SalariesReport on the Order relative to allowing William P. Preble compensation for his services as Commissioner under the Resolve of January 19, 18321844
149SalariesReport on an Act additional to Chapter 177 of the Maine Revised Statutes1844
150SalariesReport of the Committee on Retrenchment1844

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