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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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101State TreasurerSee Thomas, Elias 1827 GY 47-11
102State TreasurerResolve authorizing the, to make a loan of money1827
103State TreasurerReport on the Annual Report of the1828
104State TreasurerCommunication regarding Annual Report of 18271828
105State TreasurerSee State Loan 1828 RS 24-49
106State TreasurerReport of the Committee on votes for1828
107State TreasurerResolve to authorize the, to dispose of certain articles1828
108State TreasurerOrder for Convention of both Houses to elect1828
109State TreasurerSee Harris, Mark 1828 GY 52-18
110State TreasurerSee Treasurer's Bond 1829 GY 58-30
111State TreasurerOrder to notify the Governor of the election of Elias Thomas as, and of his acceptance and bond1829
112State TreasurerReport on the Order respecting the Annual Report of the1829
113State TreasurerSee Executive Councilors 1829 GY 55-1
114State TreasurerReturn of votes for, and order to notify Elias Thomas of his election1829
115State TreasurerResolve authorizing the, to make a loan of money1829
116State TreasurerSee Weston, Samuel 1829 GY 55-16
117State TreasurerSee Bonds, Sheriffs and Coroners 1829 PL 59-81
118State TreasurerSee Officers, Constitutional 1830 GY 63-16
119State TreasurerSee Thomas, Elias 1830 GY 63-33
120State TreasurerSee Thompson, Abner B. 1831 GY 70-16
121State TreasurerCommunication from Elias Thomas relative to ownership of wild lands1831
122State TreasurerReport of the Committee appointed to receive the property from the late Treasurer, Elias Thomas and transfer the same to Abner B. Thompson the present Treasurer1831
123State TreasurerSee Land Office 1831 RS 33-52
124State TreasurerSee Thomas, Elias 1831 GY 69-45
125State TreasurerSee State Wild Lands 1831 GY 70-15

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