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251Transportation: BridgesSee Belfast Bridge 1835 PS 112-39
252Transportation: BridgesSee Rumford Falls Bridge Corporation 1835 PS 112-31
253Transportation: BridgesSee Baring Bridge 1835 PS 111-10
254Transportation: BridgesSee Carritunk Bridge (sic) 1835 PS 115-81
255Transportation: BridgesSee Muddy River Free Bridge 1835 PS 116-96
256Transportation: BridgesSee Chase, Sarson, Jr., and others 1835 GY 93-12
257Transportation: BridgesSee Dexter 1835 PS 113-49
258Transportation: BridgesSee Canton Point Bridge 1835 PS 112-21
259Transportation: BridgesSee Bath 1835 PS 120-149
260Transportation: BridgesAn Act additional extending to the Proprietors of the Carratunk Bridge a further time for completing the same1838
261Transportation: BridgesAn Act requiring toll bridges which are or may be covered to be suitably lighted1839
262Transportation: BridgesAn Act to extend the time of building the Salt Water Falls Company Works1841
263Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Joseph B. Richardson and others for the passage of an Act authorizing the erection of a bridge over the Friendship River1841
264Transportation: BridgesAn Act to exempt the Proprietors of the Jay Bridge from lighting said bridge except at certain seasons1841
265Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Daniel Dennett and others for aid to the Town of Milo to erect a bridge across the Pleasant River1841
266Transportation: BridgesAn Act to authorize William Nash of Addison and others to build the Pleasant River Bridge in the Town of Addison and the remonstrance of Ichabod Bucknam and others of Columbia1841
267Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Humphrey Keith and others that the toll on the Ticonic and Winslow Bridges may be reduced1841
268Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Warren Burr and others that assistance may be granted by the State to build bridges from Orson Island to Argyle and from said Island to Old Town. Also the Petition of the Inhabitants of Old Town for aid to build a road over said1841
269Transportation: BridgesAn Act to authorize the Town of Orono to keep in repair the bridge across the Stillwater Stream within said Town1841
270Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Jonathan Hyde and others that the Town of Bath may be authorized to expend money on a bridge across the New Meadows River in the Town of Brunswick1841
271Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Bath that they may build a bridge over New Meadows River1841
272Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Ichabod Goodwin and others for an increase of tolls on Kittery Point Bridge1841
273Transportation: BridgesReport on the Petition of Robert Davis and others that the bridge on Duck Trap Stream may be made a free bridge1841
274Transportation: BridgesReport on the Order in relation to an Act concerning Eastport Bridge1842
275Transportation: BridgesAn Act to incorporate the Dresden Neck Bridge Company and the remonstrance of Samuel Alley and others1842

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