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526Transportation: BridgesAn Act to extend the Charter of the Stillwater Bridge1865
527Transportation: BridgesReport on a bill for an appropriation to build a road through Township 1 N.D. to the east line of Greenbush1865
528Transportation: BridgesAn Act to incorporate the Rumford Bridge Company1865
529Transportation: BridgesAn Act to amend "An Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Wiscasset Bridge"1865
530Transportation: BridgesAn Act to amend An Act entitled "An Act to incorporate the Machiasport and East Machias Toll Bridge Company"1865
531Transportation: BridgesAn Act to increase the rate of tolls on the Merrymeeting Bridge1865
532Transportation: BridgesResolve authorizing repairs upon roads, rebuilding and repairing bridges in the County of Aroostook1865
533Transportation: BridgesAn Act relating to Portland Bridge1865
534Transportation: BridgesReport on a bill to extend the jurisdiction of the County Commissioners of Cumberland County across certain tide waters1865
535Transportation: BridgesAn Act to amend Chapter 173 of the Special Laws of 1862 "to incorporate the proprietors of Union Mills Bridge and granting a right to demand tolls1865
536Transportation: BridgesAn Act to amend the tariff of tolls of the Livermore Falls Bridge Corporation1865
537Transportation: BridgesAn Act to authorize the Proprietors of Lewiston Bridge to sell their toll bridge1865
538Transportation: BridgesReport on a bill for aid from the State to construct a bridge across Dead River near Flagstaff Plantation1865

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