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This database includes all the names changed by the Maine Legislature between 1820 and 1891. After 1876, Maine's probate courts were authorized to change names, and the Legislature performed this task far less frequently.

Richard P. Roberts compiled a more extensive list of Maine name changes—including those granted Maine residents by the Massachusetts Legislature and probate courts—which was published as "Name Changes of Maine Residents, 1803-1892" in The Maine Genealogist between Nov. 1995 and Feb. 2001 (vols. 17-23). See also Linda R. Aaskov's "Official Name Changes in Maine to 1820" in the York County Genealogical Society Journal of April 1986 (vol. 1).

Source: Marquis Fayette King, compiler, Changes in Name by Special Acts of the Legislature of Maine, 1820-1895 (1901).