Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
21Berwick, inquisition at1773York137407
22Abraham Wadling, inquisition1773York137407
23Berwick, inquisition at1773York137408
24John Morrell, inquisition1773York137408
25George Chadbourne, etc., inquisition1773York137409
26Joshua Chadbourne, etc., inquisition1773York137409
27Paul Buzzy, inquisition1773York137410
28Wells (Town of), inquisition at1773York137410
29Jonathan Farris, inquisition1773York137411
30Kittery, inquisition at1773York137411
31Kittery, inquisition at1773York137412
32Lucey Lord, inquisition1773York137412
33Kittery, inquisition at1773York137413
34Inquisition taken at Kittery on body of unknown man1773York137413
35Timothy Ramsdell, inquisition1774York137515
36York (Town of), inquisition at1774York137515
37York (Town of), inquisition at1774York137516
38James Dunning, inquisition1774York137516
39Stephen Baker, inquisition1774York137533
40Samuel Black, inquisition1774York137533

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