Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
41Kittery, inquisition at1774York137533
42York (Town of), inquisition at1774York137533
43York (Town of), inquisition at1774York137534
44John Dwyer. inquisition1774York137534
45Berwick, inquisition at1778York137563
46Daniel Stone, inquisition1778York137563
47Berwick, inquisition at1778York137564
48John Hupper, inquisition1778York137564
49Berwick, inquisition at1778York137565
50John Goldthwait (or Gouldthright), inquisition1778York137565
51Joseph Kent, inquisition1778York137569
52York (Town of), inquisition at1778York137569
53York (Town of), inquisition at1778York137570
54John Parry, inquisition1778York137570
55Arthur Lloyd, inquisition1778York137571
56Arthur Lord, inquisition1778York137571
57York (Town of), inquisition at1778York137571
58York (Town of), inquisition at1778York137572
59Morrel Brimliton, inquisition1778York137572
60Joseph Brow, inquisition1778York137573

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