Maine County Court Files
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FileYear (est.)CountyFile No.
81Lebanon, inquisition at1786York137834
82Samuel Lord, inquisition1786York137834
83Nathan Morrell, inquisition1786York137835
84Berwick, inquisition at1786York137835
85Berwick, inquisition at1786York137836
86John Tucker, inquisition1786York137836
87York (Town of), inquisition at1788York137923
88John Davis, inquisition1788York137923
89Edward Currier, Jr. (inquisition)1788York137924
90York (Town of), inquisition at1788York137924
91Berwick, inquisition at1788York137925
92John Neal, inquisition1788York137925
93Berwick, inquisition at1788York137926
94Inquisition taken at Berwick on body of infant child1788York137926
95Webber Blasdell, inquisition on body of, at Lebanon1788York137963
96Lebanon, inquisition at, on body of Webber Blaisdell1788York137963
97Berwick, inquisition at, on bastard child1790York137979
98Molly Thomson (bastard child of), inquisition on body of1790York137979
99Susanah Dennet, inquisition on body of, at Kittery1790York137980
100Kittery, inquisition at, on body of Susanah Dennet1790York137980

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