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51BangorAn Act in addition to an Act to incorporate the City of1835
52BangorAn Act in addition to an Act to incorporate the City of1835
53BangorResolve in favor of Sewall L. Boulter1841
54BangorReport on the Petition of Henry Warren that the State may refund moneys paid for lands where the title has failed1841
55BangorReport on the Petition of Martin K. Paul that a pension may be granted him1841
56BangorReport on the Petition of James Mayhew, a soldier of the Revolution, for a grant of land1841
57BangorResolve in favor of Benjamin Johnson and others1841
58BangorResolve in favor of Samuel C. Stevens1841
59BangorReport on the Petition of John Sargent, Jr., and others that he may have an allowance of his claim against the State for services as acting Forage Master in the Aroostook Expedition1841
60BangorResolve in favor of George W. Maxim1841
61BangorReport on the Petition of William Emerson that certain notes and securities may be cancelled1842
62BangorReport on the Petition of Joshua Sinclair that Revolutionary Soldiers may have the right to select certain lands1842
63BangorReport on the Petition of Samuel Smith that the Land Agent may be instructed to deed him certain lands1842
64BangorResolve in favor of Henry Warren1842
65BangorResolve in favor of George W. Cummings (SS)1842
66BangorReport on the Petitions for an alteration of the Militia Law1842
67BangorResolve in favor of Harrison Weymouth1842
68BangorAn Act to secure the rights of owners of logs, spars and other lumber in the Kenduskeag Stream1842
69BangorResolve to authorize the Land Agent to settle with S. & W. H. Smith1842
70BangorResolve in favor of George W. Maxim1842
71BangorReport on the Petition of Henry Warren that money paid by him for land may be refunded1842
72BangorResolve on the petition of Sarah W. Banister1842
73BangorReport on the Petition of Ward and Betsey G. Witham that their marriage may be made legal and that their children may be made legitimate1842
74BangorResolve in favor of John H. Pilsbury and John Webber1843
75BangorReport on the Petition of Andrew Pease that remuneration may be granted him for grass purchased of the State1843

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