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76BangorResolve in favor of George W. Maxim1843
77BangorReport on the Petition of Lemuel Shepley that compensation be allowed him for services rendered the State in 18391844
78BangorResolve in favor of George W. Maxim1844
79BangorAn Act in addition to the Act entitled an Act to incorporate the City of Bangor1844
80BangorAn Act in addition to the Act entitled an Act to incorporate the City of Bangor1845
81BangorAn Act to incorporate the Penobscot Steam Tow Boat Company1845
82BangorResolve in favor of Margaret Trafton1845
83BangorCommunication from the Penobscot County Commissioners relative to a Charter for a Steam or Horse Power Ferry from Bangor to Brewer1846
84BangorAn Act authorizing the City of Bangor to make by laws and ordinances restraining dogs going at large in said City1846
85BangorReport on a Resolve in favor of William Emerson1846
86BangorReport on the Petition of Samuel Knapp that he may be divorced from Almara Knapp1847
87BangorReport on the Petition of Jonathan Eddy and others relative to the Penobscot Boom Corporation1847
88BangorAn Act to repeal an Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the City of Bangor, approved March 6, 18441847
89BangorReport on the Petition of Samuel Hyde and others for an alteration of Section 1, of Chapter 36 of the Revised Statutes relative to licenses to Innholders and Common Victuallers1847
90BangorReport on a Resolve in favor of Isaac Fletcher1847
91BangorReport on the Petition of William H. Mills that Section ll of Chapter 18 of the Revised Statutes respecting the payment of taxes on Pews be repealed1847
92BangorResolve on the Petition of Sarah W. Hale1848
93BangorReport on the Petition of Wiggin Hill for an abatement of taxes, Bangor1848
94BangorResolve in favor of James Robinson1848
95BangorResolve in favor of Jacob McGaw1848
96BangorReport on the Petition of John Williams, Register of Probate for Penobscot County for an increase of salary1848
97BangorReport on the Petition of Benjamin Dyer and others for an Act authorizing them to build dams on the outlet of Pushaw Pond also to cut a canal from said Pond to the Kenduskeag or Penobscot River in the City of Bangor and remonstrance of John Bennock and ot1848
98BangorReport on the Petition of Samuel H. Blake and others that the time of holding the May Term of the District Courts in Penobscot County be changed from the fourth to the first Tuesday of May1849
99BangorReport on the Petition of William H. Mills and others for the passage of a military bill1849
100BangorAn Act to incorporate the Atlantic and Pacific Mining, Lumbering and Trading Company1849

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