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101BangorResolve in favor of George W. Maxim1849
102BangorAn Act to encourage and protect the planting of oysters1849
103BangorReport on the Petition of Samuel H. Blake and others that the time of holding the May Term of the District Courts in Penobscot County be changed from the fourth to the first Tuesday of May1849
104BangorReport on the Petition of Nathaniel Treat and others for a Charter to authorize them to improve the navigation of the Penobscot River between Bangor and Oldtown1850
105BangorAn Act to incorporate the European and North American Railway Company (No Petition)1850
106BangorAn Act to incorporate the Bangor Gas Light Company (No Petition)1850
107BangorReport on an Act to incorporate the Treat's Falls Water Power Company and remonstrance of Ignatius Sherman and others1850
108BangorAn Act to increase the salary of the Judge of Probate for the County of Penobscot1850
109BangorReport on the Petition of the City of Bangor for liberty to change the use of the Markethouse foundation1850
110BangorAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act to establish the Bangor and Orono Railroad (No Petition)1850
111BangorResolve in favor of William Emerson1850
112BangorReport on the Petition of the Cities of Bangor and Bath for a law to prevent truants1850
113BangorAn Act authorizing the United States to build a Custom House over the Kenduskeag River1851
114BangorAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Central Market House Company1851
115BangorAn Act to incorporate the Merchants' Mutual Insurance Company1851
116BangorAn Act to incorporate the Merchants' Steam Navigation Company of Bangor1851
117BangorAn Act authorizing the United States to build a custom house in the bed of the Kenduskeag River, in the City of Bangor1852
118BangorAn Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Merchant's Steam Navigation Company of Bangor1852
119BangorReport on the Petition of George W. Pickering and others that Bangor City may be authorized to aid in the completion and building of the Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad1852
120BangorAn Act to supply the City of Bangor with pure water1852
121BangorReport on the Petition of Theodore S. Brown for an Act concerning the Penobscot Boom Company1852
122BangorReport on the Petition of Charles H. Thaxter that alteration may be made in the Act of incorporating the Penobscot Log Driving Company1852
123BangorAn Act to incorporate the Penobscot County Steam Flour Mill Company1852
124BangorAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the City of Bangor1852
125BangorResolve in favor of Jewett and March1852

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