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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Resolve for the abatement of certain State, and for balancing the accounts with the Cumberland and Oxford Canal Lottery on the Treasurer's Books1837
2Order relative to furnishing all the Laws, Maps, Books and Blanks to the Town of1838
3Resolve for furnishing additional copies of books to the Town of1838
4Report on the Petition for an appropriation for the Town of Shirley for purchase of books1839
5Resolve making an appropriation for the purpose of procurring books of instruction in military tactics1839
6Academies, Schools and CollegesReport on the Petition of Joshua B. Johnson and others that so much of the school law as authorizes Superintending School Committees to prescribe the books to be used in schools, be repealed1854
7Academies, Schools and CollegesResolve relating to school books1861
8Academies, Schools and CollegesReport of the Legislative Committee on Education regarding the purchase of history books1861
9Academies, Schools and CollegesReport on a bill to prevent school committee men acting as agents of the publishers of school books1863
10Academies, Schools and CollegesA bill to secure a greater uniformity of text books for use in Common Schools1864
11Academies, Schools and CollegesResolve donating certain books and documents to the Library of Bates College1865
12Acts and ResolvesResolve to furnish certain books to the County of Knox1861
13Acts and ResolvesResolve providing for the presentation of certain books and publications to Literary Institutions and to Public Libraries1863
14Bates College LibraryResolve donating certain books and documents to the Library of Bates College1865
15BooksSee Massachusetts Records 1820 RS 1-7
16BooksOrder to consider what maps and books are necessary for use of the Legislature1820
17BooksSee Military Discipline Books 1822 GY 9-18
18BooksResolve authorizing the purchase of, for the use of the Legislature1826
19BooksOrder for the Secretary of State to purchase certain reports for use of the Committee on the Judiciary1826
20BooksAdditional Resolve authorizing the purchase of, for the use of the Legislature1828
21BooksResolve for furnishing towns and plantations with books and maps1842
22BooksResolve for the distribution of the Digests of Patents1842
23BooksReport on a communication from Alexander Vattemare relative to international exchanges of books and public documents accompanied by a Report made to the Municipal Corporation of Paris1843
24BooksReport on the Order relative to providing by law that primary schools be furnished with books by the Towns to which they severally belong1844
25BooksReport on the Order relative to Chaplains and Reporters taking books from the State Library1845

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