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1Report on the Petition that they may be incorporated to construct Booms on the Penobscot River at Bangor and remonstrance of Joseph Treat and others1837
2Report on the Petition for leave to erect Booms on the Penobscot River between Bangor and Frankfort1837
3Report on a Petition regarding regulation of the Kennebec River Booms1838
4Report on a Petition relative to an Act in addition to the several Acts relating to side booms in the Androscoggin River1840
5Report on the Petition of Seth Paine and others for an Act of incorporation for erecting booms on the Stillwater Branch of the Penobscot River1855
6Androscoggin River Boom TollAn Act fixing toll upon logs in the side booms in the Towns of Topsham and Brunswick1821
7Androscoggin River Side BoomsResolve respecting the Proprietors of1828
8Androscoggin River Side BoomsSee Logs, Surveyors of 1829 PS 58-62
9Androscoggin River Side BoomsAn additional Act relating to the Proprietors of, and to the side Booms therein1832
10Aroostook River BoomsResolve in relation to establishing a boom at the mouth of the Aroostook River1843
11Baker, Joseph and othersReport on the petition of, for an Act to prevent the erection of any but side booms across the Royal River in North Yarmouth and the remonstrances of Jacob Mitchell and others1826
12BoomsSee Brunswick 1821 PS 11-165
13BoomsSee Androscoggin River Boom Toll 1821 PS 11-165
14BoomsSee Oliver, Matthew 1821 GY 8-14
15BoomsSee Brunswick 1821 PS 11-165
16BoomsSee Hodsdon, Moses 1822 GY 10-18
17BoomsSee Orono Boom Corporation 1822 PS 18-42
18BoomsSee Calais Boom Corporation 1822 PS 18-48
19BoomsSee Saco River Boom 1824 PS 29-53
20BoomsSee Saco River Boom 1824 GY 25-9
21BoomsSee Penobscot Boom Corporation 1825 PS 38-101
22BoomsSee Baker, Joseph and others 1826 GY 42-4
23BoomsSee Penobscot Boom Corporation 1827 PS 47-74
24BoomsSee Androscoggin River Side Booms 1828 RS 23-25
25BoomsSee Logs, Surveyors of 1829 PS 58-62

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