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26BucksportSee Ware, Warren 1824 GY 28-4
27BucksportSee Burnham, John and others 1826 GY 38-2
28BucksportPetition of Mordecai Thayer and William Snow to be set off from Orrington and annexed to1826
29BucksportSee Orland 1826 PS 40-34
30BucksportSee Merrill, Benjamin and others 1826 GY 37-14
31BucksportSee Hopkins, John 1828 GY 53-4
32BucksportSee Morrill, Benjamin, Jr., and others 1828 GY 53-5
33BucksportReport on the Petition of sundry Inhabitants that one half of the annual income from the Parsonage Fund may in the future be legally distributed among other religious societies in1831
34BucksportAn Act to set off parts of Orrington, Dedham and Bucksport and annex the same to the Town of Brewer and remonstrance of Orrington Selectmen1841
35BucksportResolve in favor of William W. Quimby1844
36BucksportReport on the Petition of Colyer Snow and others that a part of Bucksport in Hancock County be set off and annexed to Orrington in Penobscot County and remonstrance of Sewall Lake and others1845
37BucksportReport on the Petition of the Assessors and others of Wetmore Isle Plantation that the doings of the Plantation relative to a bridge leading from said Plantation to Bucksport may be legalized1846
38BucksportResolve to quiet certain settlers and to obtain a title to certain lands sold and claimed by the State1846
39BucksportReport on the Petition of the Town of Bucksport for an Act to establish a preventive police in said Town and to regulate the same1847
40BucksportReport on the Petition of Moses G. Buck and others for leave to change the bed of the stream running from Bucksport to Dead Brook and remonstrance of Israel Chitman and others1847
41BucksportReport on the Petition of Sewall Lake for renewal of an Act of incorporation of Felicity Lodge of Masons in Bucksport1847
42BucksportReport on the Petition of Timothy B. Grant and others that a small boat ferry may be granted from the Prospect side of the Penobscot River to Bucksport1848
43BucksportReport on the Petition of Elisha Soper and others that they may be set off from Orland and annexed to Bucksport and remonstrance of the Town of Orland1848
44BucksportReport on the Petition of Colyer Snow and others that they may be set off from Bucksport and annexed to Orrington1849
45BucksportResolve in favor of William W. Quimby1849
46BucksportAn Act to set off a part of the Town of Bucksport in the County of Hancock and annex the same to the Town of Orrington in the County of Penobscot and remonstrance of James Stubbs and others1850
47BucksportReport on the Petition of Samuel Stubbs and others that the stream of water from Jacob Bucks Pond in Bucksport to Dead Brook may be turned and conducted into Bucks Stream and remonstrance of David Martin and others1850
48BucksportAn Act to authorize the sale of the Methodist Episcopal Meeting House and Parsonage in North Bucksport1852
49BucksportResolve abating a portion of the State Tax of 1851 to the Town of Bucksport and assessing the same on the Town of Orrington1852
50BucksportAn Act authorizing the extension of a wharf into the tide waters of the Penobscot River at Bucksport1852

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