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51BucksportReport on the Petition of Sewall Lake and others that persons indebted for more than one year's taxes may be prohibited from voting1852
52BucksportReport on the Petition of Elisha Soper and others that they may be set off from the Town of Orland and annexed to the Town of Bucksport and remonstrance of Robert Snow and others1852
53BucksportAn Act to authorize the sale of the Methodist Episcopal Meeting House and Parsonage in North Bucksport1852
54BucksportResolve in favor of William W. Quimby (Original papers missing)1853
55BucksportResolve in favor of John Silsby1853
56BucksportReport on the Petition of Schuyler Cobb and others of Bucksport for an Act of incorporation as the Proprietors of the Lyceum Hall in Bucksport1853
57BucksportAn Act authorizing the extension of a railway & the building of piers & wharves for accomodation thereof into the tide waters at Bucksport1862
58BucksportAn Act to change the name of Alpha M. Varnum of Bucksport1864
59BucksportReport on a bill for aid to be granted to Gorham Seminary and East Maine Conference Seminary at Bucksport1865
60Bucksport and Calais Stage CompanyAn Act to incorporate the1834
61Bucksport and Prospect FerryA bill for a reduction of toll on the Bucksport and Prospect Ferry1864
62Bucksport and Prospect Ferry CompanyAn Act to establish the1830
63Bucksport and Prospect Ferry CompanyOrder to send down from the Senate to the House the files on the petition of the1831
64Bucksport and Prospect Ferry CompanyAn Act additional to an Act to establish the1831
65Bucksport and Prospect Ferry CompanyAn additional Act to establish the1835
66Bucksport BankAn Act to incorporate the Bucksport Bank1854
67Bucksport BankAn Act to increase the capital stock of the Bucksport Bank1855
68Bucksport First School DistrictReport on the Petition of the Bucksport First School District that authority may be granted them to assess a tax for the support of a High School and the remonstrance of Rufus Emery and others1841
69Bucksport First School DistrictAn Act to authorize the Inhabitants of the First School District in Bucksport to accept a bequest made by Joseph R. Folsom1855
70Bucksport Gas Light CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Bucksport Gas Light Company1861
71Bucksport Mechanic AssociationAn Act to incorporate the Bucksport Mechanic Association1842
72Bucksport Methodist SocietySee Doane, Bangs and others 1828 GY 53-43
73Bucksport Ministerial FundSee Little, Samuel and others 1828 GY 53-32
74Bucksport Petition SignersSee Waldo County 1827 PL 45-31
75Bucksport Petition SignersSee Innholders, Retailers and Common Victuallers 1834 PL 110-179

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