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76Bucksport Petition SignersSee Burnham, John and others 1835 GY 92-32
77Bucksport Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Henry Darling and others asking an expression of the Legislature repsecting our intercourse with British Provinces and the Revenue Laws regulating the same1843
78Bucksport Petition SignersRemonstrances against repeal of the license law1843
79Bucksport Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Henry Brown and others for alteration of the License Laws1844
80Bucksport Petition SignersSundry Petitions and Remonstrances relative to an Act to restrict the sale of intoxicating drinks, approved August 7, 1846 (alphabetical by town)1847
81Bucksport Petition SignersPetitions for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops1850
82Bucksport Petition SignersAn Act for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops1851
83Bucksport Petition SignersResolve in favor of East Maine Conference1852
84Bucksport Petition SignersAn Act to incorporate the Bangor and Brewer Ferry Company and remonstrances of Franklin Adams and others1853
85Bucksport Petition SignersPetitions relating to the passed liquor law regarding the sale of pure liquors1862
86Bucksport Petition SignersPetitions on a Resolve passed regarding an appropriation to continue the Scientific Survey1862
87Bucksport Petition SignersA bill for a reduction of toll on the Bucksport and Prospect Ferry1864
88Bucksport School DistrictReport on the petition of the Committee for an Act to authorize the first school district to raise money for defraying the expense of ringing a meeting house bell1830
89Bucksport School District #2See Homer, William and others 1830 GY 61-21
90Bucksport School District 1Report on the Petition of School District Number 1 in Bucksport for aid from the State to establish a free high school1852
91Bucksport School HouseAn Act in addition to the 17th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1844
92Bucksport SeminaryAn Act to incorporate the Bucksport Seminary1849
93Bucksport SeminaryAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of the Bucksport Seminary1849
94Bucksport SeminaryReport on the Petition of the Trustees of Bucksport Seminary for aid1853
95Bucksport to Orphan Island BridgeReport on the Petition of Sewall B. Swazey and others to enlarge the draw in the bridge leading from Bucksport to Orphan Island and remonstrance of Joshua Abbot and others1854
96Bucksport ValuationReport on a Resolve in favor of the Town of Bucksport relative to valuation1846
97Bucksport ValuationResolve correcting a clerical error in the valuation of the Towns of Bucksport and Seaville and for correcting the State and County Tax in said Towns1847
98Bucksport ValuationResolve regulating the valuation of Bucksport1850
99Burnham, John and othersReport on the petition of, for aid in making or repairing a road leading from Bucksport to Surry, through Orland (petition missing)1826
100Chitman, Israel and othersReport on the Petition of Moses G. Buck and others for leave to change the bed of the stream running from Bucksport to Dead Brook and remonstrance of Israel Chitman and others1847

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