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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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101Bank Commissioners ReportCommunication from the Governor transmitting the Bank Commissioners Report1841
102Bank StockOrder requesting the Governor to transmit to the Legislature the names of the owners in this State of1831
103Bank TaxReport on so much of the Governor's Message as relates to the appropriation of the Bank Tax1842
104BanksResolve authorizing the Governor and Council to appoint Commissioners to examine1826
105BanksOrder that the Governor communicate to the Senate the returns of the state of the1833
106Banks and BankingCommunication from the Governor transmitting the Bank Commissioners Report1841
107BerlinResolve authorizing the Governor and Council to abate a tax on the west part of Township 6 in the County of Franklin1853
108Board of JurisprudenceMessage from the Governor relative to the1821
109BondsAn Act to authorize the Governor and Council to require new bonds from Public Officers1853
110BondsResolve authorizing the Governor and Council to settle with the bondsmen of Sumner and Maxcy1863
111BradfordReport that the communication of Abner Wade for State Aid be referred to the Governor and Council1864
112Brannan, S.Communication of Governor Coburn regarding the portrait of Sir William Pepperell and the letter of Hon. S. Brannan1863
113Bridge, Samuel L.Resolve in relation to the portrait of Governor Pownall1862
114British TroopsGovernor's Communication transmitting copies of correspondence with the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick and the United States President in relation to a detachment of British Troops1841
115Brooks Petition SignersReport of the Joint Select Committee on the Governor's Message relating to summer sessions1850
116BrunswickResolve for placing an inscription upon the Masonic Monument about to be erected to the memory of the late Governor Robert P. Dunlap1863
117Capital PunishmentReport of the Committee relative to pardon of Valorus P. Coolidge and Governor's Message on same1849
118Carpenter, JoshuaOrder to call on the Governor for information relative to instructions given to1829
119Chandler, Anson G.Order to inform the Governor of the election of Senate President Pro-tempore1835
120Chandler, Colonel JosephOrder to notify the Governor of the election of, a Major General of the Second Division of Militia1828
121Charleston Petition SignersReport on the petition of Samuel Adams & others for a Constitutional Amendment regarding the Executive Council, House, Senate, Governor and Selectmen1862
122Churchill, Mathew and othersReport of the Committee on the return of votes for Governor and the remonstrance of Mathew Churchill and others1841
123Civil WarAn Act to authorize the Governor to accept the services of females as nurses in the army1861
124Civil WarReport on the communication of the Governor relating to the Report of the Commissioners on the coast defenses1862
125Civil WarCommunication of the Governor's Address regarding the military1862

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