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176ElectionsReport on an amendment to the Constitution in relation to the election of Governor and Senators1863
177ElectionsOrder to notify the Governor and Council of the election of Joseph B. Hall as Secretary of State and John L. Hodsdon as Adjutant General1863
178ElectionsResolve providing for the amendment of the Constitution to allow soldiers absent from the State to vote for Governor, Senators, Representatives…1864
179Elections, BiennialReport on the Petition of Henry Hill and others for the biennial election of the Governor and Members of the Legislature1846
180Elections, Committee onReport of the Committee on Elections on the return of votes for Governor1849
181Elections, GovernorCommunication on the return of votes for Governor and Senators1863
182Elections, GovernorCommunication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
183Elections, GovernorOrder relating to the examination of the Gubernatorial votes1863
184Elections, GovernorAn Order for the return of votes for Governor1864
185Elections, GovernorOrder to notify the Governor of his election and both houses are ready to receive his communications1865
186Elections, Penobscot IndianReport on a bill that there shall be no election of Governor of the Penobscot Tribe of Indians until asked for by 2/3 of the voters1865
187Elections, SenateCommunication on the return of votes for Governor and Senators1863
188Everett, Edward and othersReport on the communications of Edward Everett and others regarding Henry Dexter, sculptor, for a bust of the Governor to be purchased1862
189Executive CouncilResolve appointing a Committee to examine certain accounts, and to report the same to the Governor and Council1821
190Executive CouncilReport on Communications relative to Contingent Account Expenses of the Governor and Council for 1841 and 18421843
191Executive CouncilReport on the abolition of the Executive Council referred to in the Governor's Message1862
192Executive CouncilReport on the petition of Samuel Adams & others for a Constitutional Amendment regarding the Executive Council, House, Senate, Governor and Selectmen1862
193Executive Council MessengerResolve allowing pay to the messenger of the Governor and Council1822
194Executive CouncilorsOrder to send message to the Governor regarding the election of1824
195Executive CouncilorsOrder for a convention of both Houses with the Governor and Secretary of State, to elect seven1826
196Executive CouncilorsOrder to notify the Governor that Judah Dana and Thomas Sawyer, Jr. have been qualified as1833
197Executive CouncilorsOrder to notify Governor that they have been qualified1835
198ExeterReport on the Petition of Henry Hill and others for the biennial election of the Governor and Members of the Legislature1846
199ExtraditionResolves respecting the message of the Governor relating to the case of the Wentworths1850
200Fairfield, John, GovernorGovernor's Communications for the year 18421842

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