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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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76Legislative OrdersOrder that the Rules and Orders of 1862 are to be used and distributed to the House and Senate1863
77Legislative OrdersOrder for a convention of both Houses to elect the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Adjutant General and 7 Executive Councilors1863
78Legislative OrdersOrder for 1000 copies of the Governor's Address be printed1863
79Legislative OrdersOrder that Chaplains of the Legislature be allowed to use the State Library1863
80Legislative OrdersOrder that 350 copies of the Report "Defences of Maine" by John A. Poor be printed1863
81Legislative OrdersOrder for printing of orders of exercises on the celebration of Washington's Birthday1863
82Legislative OrdersOrder that the Adjutant General have one copy of his report bound for each Member of the Legislature1863
83Legislative OrdersOrder to notify the Governor and Council of the election of Joseph B. Hall as Secretary of State and John L. Hodsdon as Adjutant General1863
84Legislative OrdersOrder for the Governor to inform the Legislature if the Indian Agents have made annual reports1863
85Legislative OrdersOrder that the Adjutant General furnish 1000 copies of his 1862 report1863
86Legislative OrdersOrder for the Senate Adjournment1863
87Legislative OrdersOrder to inform Hon. Abner Coburn of his election as Governor1863
88Legislative OrdersLegislative Order regarding the seat in the 15th Senatorial District1863
89Legislative OrdersOrder that 75 diagrams of the Senate Chamber be printed1863
90Legislative OrdersOrder that the Committee on the Reform School make a visit to the Institution1863
91Legislative OrdersOrder relating to the pay of James M. Lincoln for services as Secretary1863
92Legislative OrdersOrder that the reports of the various branches be referred to the Committees1863
93Legislative OrdersOrder to notify Joseph B. Hall, Secretary of State; Josiah H. Drummond, Attorney General; and John L. Hodsdon, Adjutant General, of their election1863
94Legislative OrdersOrder that the Secretary of State to distribute the Laws of the United States to the Senate1863
95Legislative OrdersOrder to provide the Senate Journal for 1862 for the use of the Senate1863
96Legislative OrdersOrder that one session of the Senate be held each day1863
97Legislative OrdersOrder that 350 copies of the Majority and Minority Reports be printed1863
98Legislative OrdersAn Order for the Committee on Militia and Military Affairs to employ a clerk1864
99Legislative OrdersAn Order that the Committee on Education report the list of academies who deserve aid1864
100Legislative OrdersAn Order regarding the contract for State Printing and Binding1864

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