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126Legislative OrdersOrder that Moses R. Ludwig to be excused from further attendence1865
127Legislative OrdersOrder that 300 copies of the Legislative Manual to be printed for use1865
128Legislative OrdersOrder on the vote and return of votes for United States Senator1865
129Legislative OrdersOrder of the report on the time that Legislative Sessions be held1865
130Legislative OrdersOrder that Joint Rules be amended in the sixth line1865
131Legislative OrdersOrder to notify the Governor of his election and both houses are ready to receive his communications1865
132Legislative OrdersOrder that private legislation presented after February 1 is to be referred to the next Legislature1865
133Legislative OrdersOrder to furnish the Daily Kennebec Journal to Chaplains1865
134Legislative OrdersOrder on the compensation allowed for Hall and Wait, employed as engrossing clerks, for night work1865
135Legislative OrdersOrder that 1500 copies of the Report of the Committee on Education be printed and distributed to various school offices1865
136Legislative OrdersOrder that Clergymen of Augusta, Hallowell and Gardiner to officiate as Chaplains1865
137Legislative OrdersOrder that the flag to be lowered in honor of the late Hon. Edward Everett1865
138Legislative OrdersOrder on the notification of election of certain offices1865
139Legislative OrdersOrder that Eben M. Hamor be excused from further attendence1865
140Legislative Orders February 1843Legislative Orders for February 18431843
141Legislative Orders January 1843Legislative Orders for January 18431843
142Legislative Orders March 1843Legislative Orders for March 18431843
143Legislative Orders September SS 1853Legislative Orders for September Special Session 18531853
144Legislative Orders, April 1849Legislative Orders for April 18491849
145Legislative Orders, April 1852Legislative Orders for April, 18521852
146Legislative Orders, April 1853Legislative Orders for April 18531853
147Legislative Orders, April 1854Legislative Orders for April 18541854
148Legislative Orders, August 1846Legislative Orders for August 18461846
149Legislative Orders, August 1847Legislative Orders of August 18471847
150Legislative Orders, August 1848Legislative Orders for August 18481848

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