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126Public AssistanceReport on a bill regarding limiting cities and towns on furnishing State Aid to families of Volunteers1863
127Public AssistanceReport on the petition of the Selectmen of Orono that an Act additional to an Act to aid the families of volunteers may be passed1863
128Public AssistanceAn Act to amend an Act in aid of families of volunteers, approved March 18, 18621863
129Public AssistanceAn Act extending the time for presentation of bills for State Aid1863
130Public AssistanceResolve in favor of the Town of Abbot for state aid to the family of Luther Labree1863
131Public AssistanceResolve in favor of the Town of Rangeley and Rangley Plantation for aid furnished to families of volunteers1863
132Public AssistanceAn Act to provide support for families of volunteers1863
133Public AssistanceA bill to aid the family of Edward P. Verrill, a Maine Volunteer1864
134Public AssistanceResolve in favor of John Decker1864
135Public AssistanceA bill to give the inhabitants of the Town of Gray money for State Aid1864
136Public AssistanceReport that the communication of Abner Wade for State Aid be referred to the Governor and Council1864
137Public AssistanceA bill for State Aid for Helen H. Everett1864
138Public AssistanceA bill on a request for State Aid1864
139Public AssistanceA bill that State Aid may be allowed Joann Dean and Eliza Johnson of Eastport1864
140Public AssistanceA bill making town officers personally liable when they refuse to furnish State Aid when actually needed1864
141Public AssistanceResolve in favor of the Town of Lowell for aid furnished to soldiers families in Plantation 1 N.D., Penobscot County1864
142Public AssistanceA bill that an allowance be made to the Town of Whitefield for State Aid for Charles Place and be reimbursed for money paid the City of Hallowell1864
143Public AssistanceA bill for further legislation in aid of families of soldiers who may have deserted, when such aid has been furnished in ignorance of such desertion1864
144Public AssistanceResolve in favor of Eliza C. Prouty of Township 2 Range 3 WELS in Aroostook County1864
145Public AssistanceResolve in favor of Cynthia R. Carpenter of Mount Chase Plantation for State Aid1864
146Public AssistanceResolve in favor of the minor children of Mrs. Mary Hale1864
147Public AssistanceSee also Poor
148Public AssistanceSee also Poor Debtors
149Public AssistanceSee also Paupers

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