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476Transportation: BridgesResolve making an appropriation for building a bridge across Crystal Stream and for repairing a road in Township 4, Range 51855
477Transportation: BridgesResolve in favor of Dan Pineo1855
478Transportation: BridgesAn Act to incorporate the Somerset Bridge Company1855
479Transportation: BridgesResolve in favor of Paul Peavey for building a bridge over Mattawamkeag River in Township 06 Range 051861
480Transportation: BridgesResolve for the repair of the State Road on Indian Township and repair of the Huntley Brook Bridge1861
481Transportation: BridgesReport on a bill to build a bridge across the tide waters at Blue Hill1861
482Transportation: BridgesResolve appropriating money to complete the bridge across the Aroostook River in Maysville1861
483Transportation: BridgesAn Act to authorize the City of Bath to build a bridge over New Meadow River1861
484Transportation: BridgesAn Act additional to incorporate the Proprietors of Hallowell and Chelsea Bridge Company1861
485Transportation: BridgesResolve for the repair of the Mattawamkeag Bridge in the County of Penobscot1861
486Transportation: BridgesReport on an Act to exempt Jay Bridge from taxation1861
487Transportation: BridgesAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Dead River Bridge1861
488Transportation: BridgesResolve in favor of the Canada Road1861
489Transportation: BridgesResolve for locating and opening in part a road from the Eastern Aroostook to Fish River Road and building bridges on same1861
490Transportation: BridgesAn Act to authorize the Town of Bethel to take stock in the Androscoggin Bridge Company1861
491Transportation: BridgesAn Act concerning the Proprietors of the Upper Bridge on Eastern River1861
492Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of Louis Cormier and others for an appropriation to be made for repairing certain bridges in Grand Isle Plantation1862
493Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of the Proprietors to extend the Charter of the "East Bridge" in Belfast for 50 years & remonstrance of Hiram Pierce & others1862
494Transportation: BridgesResolve in aid of building a saw mill and bridge in Township 14 Range 4 in the County of Aroostook1862
495Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of Ralph Sinnett and others to build a bridge from Orr's Island to Bailey's Island in Harpswell & remonstrance1862
496Transportation: BridgesResolve to amend a Resolve approved March 9, 1860 in favor of Isaac Wilder1862
497Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of Joseph Sturdevant & others for the Cumberland County Commissioners to lay a new road & build a bridge near Martin's Point ..1862
498Transportation: BridgesResolve authorizing the Land Agent to audit the account and pay Ferdinand Tinker for completing the bridge over the Aroostook River in Maysville1862
499Transportation: BridgesAn Act authorizing Island Falls Plantation to raise money for certain purposes1862
500Transportation: BridgesAn Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Union Mills Bridge1862

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