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501Transportation: BridgesAn Act concerning the proprietors of Sheepscot Bridge1862
502Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of B. Young & others that a grant of land be made in aid of building a road across Indian Township & a bridge across the river1863
503Transportation: BridgesResolve in favor of Daniel Randall and David A . Sewall for land in Township 4 Range 4 WELS as compensation for building bridges1863
504Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of Thomas Butler and others for an appropriation to build a bridge on Dead River1863
505Transportation: BridgesReport on the petition of D.N. Rogers and others for an appropriation for repairing bridges on the Fish River Road1863
506Transportation: BridgesResolve giving further time for completing a bridge in the town of Washburn1863
507Transportation: BridgesAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Hallowell and Chelsea Bridge1863
508Transportation: BridgesReport on a petition of John Eastman and others for permission to build a bridge across tide waters of Dudley's Island in Harpswell1863
509Transportation: BridgesResolve in aid of building a bridge at Mattawamkeag Forks1863
510Transportation: BridgesAn Act to continue in force the provisions of an Act additional to an Act incorporating the Proprietors of the Gardiner and Pittston Bridge1863
511Transportation: BridgesReport on a bill for additional aid in building a bridge at Mattawamkeag Forks1863
512Transportation: BridgesA bill to build a pier to the Draw in Dresden Upper Bridge1864
513Transportation: BridgesA bill in aid for building a bridge in Mapleton Plantation1864
514Transportation: BridgesAn Act in additin to an Act to incorporate the Upper Stillwater Bridge1864
515Transportation: BridgesAn Act to vest the Franchise of the Proprietors of Merrymeeting Bridge in the City of Bath1864
516Transportation: BridgesAn Act to authorize the City of Belfast to build a free bridge1864
517Transportation: BridgesA bill that aid be granted to construct a bridge over the Aroostook River at Salmon Brook1864
518Transportation: BridgesResolve to appropriate money for the repairs of Rocky Rips Bridge in Township 1, Penobscot County1864
519Transportation: BridgesAn Act to make valid the doings of the Town of Waterville1864
520Transportation: BridgesA bill to erect a bridge between Westbrook and Falmouth at Martin's Point over tide waters1864
521Transportation: BridgesA bill for the alteration of the Charter of the Gardiner - Pittston Bridge1864
522Transportation: BridgesResolve for the repair of the bridge over the Molunkus Stream in Macwahoc Plantation1864
523Transportation: BridgesResolve for building ice cutters and breakwaters for the protection of the piers and abutments of the Mattawamkeag Bridge and for other repairs1864
524Transportation: BridgesAn Act to extend the Charter of the Norridgewock Bridge Proprietors and amend the rate of tolls granted therein1865
525Transportation: BridgesAn Act relating to Portland Bridge1865

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