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1Report on the Petition to establish an Academy at Princeton, Washington County1836
2Report on the Order relative to Broad Rimmed Wheels in Washington County1836
3Report on the Petition to repeal the law which prohibits setting fish nets in Washington County1836
4Report relative to purchase of portrait of George Washington by Thomas Freeman Spear of Boston1836
5Report on the Order relative to establishing another term of the, in Washington County1836
6An Act to prevent the destruction of, in the County of Washington1837
7Report on the Petition of the Directors and Stockholders for an increase in Capital Stock of the: Union Bank, Frontier Bank, Merchants Bank, Washington County Bank, Bank of Cumberland, City Bank, Freemens Bank, and Citizens Bank1837
8Name changed from Jacob George Washington Abbot1837
9Name changed from Sarah Mary Washington Coffin1838
10Report on the Petition for a new county in the Northern District of Washington County to be called Aroostook County with Houlton the Shiretown1838
11Name changed to George Washington Coombs1838
12Report on the Petition that cattle may be permitted to go at large in the Town of Alexander, Washington County1839
13An Act to alter the times of holding the, in the Counties of Somerset, Penobscot, Washington, Hancock and Waldo within this State1839
14An Act constituting, the Shire-town of the County of Washington1839
15Report on an Act to authorize the Inhabitants of Addison in Washington County to build the1839
16Report on the Petition that a part of Fowlers Gore in the County of Washington may be annexed to the Town of Weston1839
17Report on the Petition respecting the Rule of the House of Representatives in Washington, D. C. in relation to Slavery Petitions1840
18Accounts BalancedResolve directing the State Treasurer to balance accounts with the Washington County and Saint Croix Banks1855
19Acts and Resolves 1860, Chapter 370A bill for the repeal of the Resolve of 1860, Chapter 370, regarding the payment of the Maine Agent in Washington1864
20AlewivesAn Act to regulate the taking of salmon, shad and alewives in the waters of Pleasant River in Washington County1862
21Allen, GeorgeName changed to George Washington Allen 1833 PS 98-125
22Allen, George WashingtonName changed from George Allen 1833 PS 98-125
23AnnsburgResolve in favor of the Proprietors of Annsburg or Township l7 Middle Division and Township 29 Middle Division in the County of Washington1848
24Aroostook CountyAn Act altering the division lines between the Counties of Hancock and Washington; and between Penobscot and Washington; Penobscot, Piscataquis and Aroostook; and between Piscataquis and Somerset1844
25Aroostook War VeteranResolve in favor of Spencer G. Bowes, of Washington, for injuries as a soldier in the Aroostook War1863

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