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51Bradbury, True and othersReport on the petition that the north section of Washington County may be annexed to Penobscot County1827
52Bray, Washington and othersAn Act to incorporate the Naples Mutual Fire Insurance Company1862
53Bump, Augustus W. to Augustus Washington MorrillAn Act to change the names of certain persons1865
54Burbank, Caleb and othersAn Act to increase te salary of the Judge of Probate in the County of Washington1852
55CalaisAn Act for better securing the navigation of the River Saint Croix in the County of Washington1853
56CalaisAn Act to incorporate the Washington Hotel Company (No Petition)1854
57Calais BankCommunication of B. Bradbury in relation to the Washington County Bank of Calais1841
58Calais BankReport on a Communication from Cyrus Moore relative to the Washington County Bank1841
59Calais BankAn Act additional to an Act accepting the surrender of the Charter of the Washington County Bank and for other purposes1842
60Calais BankAn Act to extend the time allowed to the Washington County Bank to close its concerns1844
61Campbell, Samuel and othersResolve in favor of the Proprietors of Annsburg or Township l7 Middle Division and Township 29 Middle Division in the County of Washington1848
62CaribouResolve in favor of Washington A. Vaughan and Samuel W. Collins1848
63CarrollReport on the Order relative to taking from the County of Washington so much of Townships # 5,6,7 in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Ranges and # 7 in the 4th, Range North of Bingham Purchase and annex the same to Penobscot County1843
64Cary, Charles and othersAn Act authorizing the County Commissioners of Washington County to lay out and establish in East Machias a county road over tide waters1865
65CastineAn Act to incorporate the Hancock and Washington Steam Navigation Company of Castine1854
66Castine Petition SignersReport on the Petition of George L. Hosmer and others that the law passed February 12, 1824 prohibiting the setting of nets for the taking of herring in Washington County may be repealed and remonstrance of Jabez Mowry and others1845
67Caton, James to James Washington WhiteAn Act to change the names of certain persons1847
68Chapter 370, 1860 ResolvesA bill for the repeal of the Resolve of 1860, Chapter 370, regarding the payment of the Maine Agent in Washington1864
69Chase, George M. and othersReport on the Petition that the State open and make a road across Townships 6, 7 and 8, Range 2 North of Bingham's Purchase in Washington County1835
70Civil WarResolve relating to the inadequate facilities for travel and transportation of troops between New York and Washington1864
71ClaimsResolve relating to certain claims under the Treaty of Washington1843
72ClaimsResolve in favor of claimants under the Treaty of Washington, of lands the title to which is not in the State1854
73ClaimsResolve in favor of claimants under the Treaty of Washington, of lands the title to which is now in the State1854
74Claims, Lands TakenResolve in relation to the claims of the State upon the United States for lands taken and required to be taken to satisfy claimants under the Treaty of Washington1854
75Clark, ElizabethResolve authorizing, Administratrix, and Amos Newhall, Guardian, to execute a deed in the Town of Washington1834

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