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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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126Foster, Stephen C.Resolve providing for the appointment of Commissioners to the Convention at Washington1861
127Franklin CountyReport on the remonstrance of the Washingtonian Temperance Society of Franklin County1843
128French, Ezra B.Resolve providing for the appointment of Commissioners to the Convention at Washington1861
129Frost, OliverMemorial of Oliver Frost relative to violation of the Treaty of Washington and accompanying papers1845
130GardinerAn Act to incorporate the Washington Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1841
131Gilchrist, George Washington from George Gilchrist,2ndAn Act to change the names of certain persons1846
132Gilchrist, George, 2nd to George Washington GilchristAn Act to change the names of certain persons1846
133Glidden, Israel and othersReport on a bill that a portion of Somerville my be re-annexed to Washington1863
134Granite BlockResolve in favor of the Washington National Monument Association1849
135Greenleaf's MapOrder to furnish the Agent appointed to Washington on the Northeastern Boundary and each of the Maine Members in Congress with1832
136Grindle, George WashingtonName changed from Benjamin Clough1835
137Hall, James S. and othersAn Act for better securing the navigation of the River Saint Croix in the County of Washington1853
138Hancock and Washington Steam Navigation CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Hancock and Washington Steam Navigation Company of Castine1854
139Hancock CountyAn Act altering the division lines between the Counties of Hancock and Washington; and between Penobscot and Washington; Penobscot, Piscataquis and Aroostook; and between Piscataquis and Somerset1844
140HarringtonReport on the Petition of Woodbury Leighton and others for a division of the Town of Harrington in the County of Washington1842
141Heald, WashingtonReport on the Petition that he may be remunerated for lands purchased of the Land Agent1834
142Hemmenway, A.Resolve correcting the State Valuation on certain wild lands in the County of Washington1852
143Herring FisheriesReport on the Petition of Joshua W. Norton and others that a law may be made to protect the herring in Washington County1845
144Herring FisheriesReport on the Petition of George L. Hosmer and others that the law passed February 12, 1824 prohibiting the setting of nets for the taking of herring in Washington County may be repealed and remonstrance of Jabez Mowry and others1845
145Higgins, Timothy WashingtonName changed from Timothy Higgins 3rd 1828 PS 54-107
146Higgins, Timothy, 3rdName changed to Timothy Washington Higgins 1828 PS 54-107
147Hobart, AaronReport on the Petition for relief because of a fine imposed on Plantation No.10 in the County of Washington1832
148Hobart, Aaron and othersAn Act to prevent the destruction of Salmon in the Denny's River, County of Washington1841
149Hobbs, George Washington to George WashingtonAn Act to change the names of certain persons1852
150HolidaysOrder for printing of orders of exercises on the celebration of Washington's Birthday1863

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