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101Ticonic BridgeAn Act to make valid the doings of the Town of Waterville1864
102Tobey, Stephen L. and othersAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of the Waterville Academy1842
103Transportation: BridgesAn Act to make valid the doings of the Town of Waterville1864
104Transportation: RailroadsAn Act to establish the Belfast and Waterville Railroad Company1848
105Transportation: RailroadsAn Act in amendment of an Act entitled and Act to establish the Belfast and Waterville Railroad (SS)1853
106Transportation: RailroadsReport on the Petition of William D. Gould and others for a charter for a railroad from North Anson to connect with the Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad, at or near West Waterville1853
107Transportation: Stage LinesAn Act to incorporate the Bingham, Athens, Skowhegan and Waterville Stage Company1852
108Water Power CompaniesAn Act to incorporate the Waterville Water Power Company1852
109WatervilleSee Young, Asa 1821 GY 5-21
110WatervilleSee Cook, Daniel 1821 GY 5-32
111WatervilleSee Young, Asa 1822 GY 9-27
112WatervilleSee Young, Asa 1822 PS 16-14
113WatervilleAn Act to set off Nahum Corson with his estate from Dearborn, and annex to the Town of1826
114WatervilleSee School District 1827 GY 50-23
115WatervilleSee Drummond, Rutherford and others 1830 GY 61-8
116WatervilleSee Drummond, Rutherford and others 1831 GY 67-8
117WatervilleSee Smith, Abijah and others 1835 GY 94-17
118WatervillePetition of Charles J. Wingate relative to navigation on the Kennebec River1842
119WatervilleReport on the Petition of Joseph Davis that a part of his farm be set off from Sidney and annexed to Waterville and the remonstrance of the Selectmen of Sidney1842
120WatervilleReport on the Petition of Ephraim Holmes and others for a law for the relief of the insane poor1842
121WatervilleResolve transferring the polls and estates of the State Valuation of Dearborn Plantation and annexing the same to the Town of Waterville in the County of Kennebec1843
122WatervilleAn Act to annex Dearborn Plantation to the Town of Waterville and the remonstrance of Clifford Williams and others1843
123WatervilleReport on the Petition of John G. Neil and others that they may be incorporated into a Company to construct locks and canals around Ticonic Falls1843
124WatervilleResolve in favor of Richard McClarey and Phillis Caezar1844
125WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Ticonic Manufacturing Company1844

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