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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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126WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Ticonic Dam Corporation1846
127WatervilleReport on the Petition of Paul Brown and others that all that part of the Town of Winslow which lies between Sebasticook and Kennebec Rivers may be annexed to the Town of Waterville and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Winslow1848
128WatervilleAn Act to establish the Belfast and Waterville Railroad Company1848
129WatervilleReport of the Committee relative to pardon of Valorus P. Coolidge and Governor's Message on same1849
130WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Ticonic Falls Company (No Petition)1849
131WatervilleAn Act to increase the capital stock of Ticonic Bank1852
132WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Bingham, Athens, Skowhegan and Waterville Stage Company1852
133WatervilleAn Act for the preservation of ice bridges1852
134WatervilleReport on the Petition of Johnson Williams and others that a new County be formed out of the Counties of Kennebec, Waldo and Somerset1852
135WatervilleReport on the Petition of Clymena Ball and others that they may be authorized to sell certain real estate1853
136WatervilleAn Act in amendment of an Act entitled and Act to establish the Belfast and Waterville Railroad (SS)1853
137WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Ticonic Boom Company1854
138WatervilleReport on the Petition of Edward McLellan and others for the removal of the China Bank to Waterville1854
139WatervilleReport on the Petition of William Getchell, Junior and others for a boom in the Kennebec River1854
140WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Mechanics' Manufacturing Company of Waterville (No Petition)1855
141WatervilleAn Act to provide for the adoption of William Samuel McCausland of Waterville1864
142WatervilleAn Act to make valid the doings of the Town of Waterville1864
143WatervilleAn Act to incorporate the Mesalonskee Manufacturing Company1865
144Waterville AcademyAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of the Waterville Academy1842
145Waterville AcademyReport on the Petition of the Trustees of Waterville Academy for aid1853
146Waterville and Fairfield Railway CompanyAn Act to incorporate1835
147Waterville and Winslow Manufacturing CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Waterville and Winslow Manufacturing Company1842
148Waterville Aqueduct CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Waterville Aqueduct Company1853
149Waterville BankAn Act authorizing the reduction of the capital stock of the1828
150Waterville BankAn Act in addition to an Act authorizing the reduction of the capital stock of the1829

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