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201Waterville Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Robert R. Drummond and others for a boom in Sebasticook River at a place called Dead Water in the Town of Winslow and remonstrance of David Hunter, 2nd and others1850
202Waterville Petition SignersAn Act for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops1851
203Waterville Petition SignersReport on the Petition of David Bronson and others for an amendment to the Charter of the Somerset and Kennebec Railroad Company and remonstrance of George W. Pickering and others1852
204Waterville Petition SignersReport on sundry Petitions and Remonstrances for new counties1853
205Waterville Petition SignersReport on a bill to repeal Chapters 109 and 184 of the Public Laws of 1859 regarding Fish Wardens in the Counties of Kennebec, Sagadahoc & Somerset…1862
206Waterville Petition SignersReport on the petition of E.K. Harding and others for an Act to improve the navigation of the Kennebec River near the Kennebec Dam1862
207Waterville Petition SignersPetitions relating to the passed liquor law regarding the sale of pure liquors1862
208Waterville Petition SignersResolve in favor of Westbrook Seminary1864
209Waterville Petition SignersAn Act authorizing the further extension of the European and North American Railway1864
210Waterville Petition SignersReport on a bill that the Charter of the Winslow Bridge may be extended1865
211Waterville Petition SignersAn Act to change the limits of the Ticonic Village Corporation1865
212Waterville Water Power CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Waterville Water Power Company1852
213Waterville, Gardiner and Boston Packet CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the1831
214Waterville-Winslow BridgeSee Ticonic Bridge 1832 PL 86-71
215West WatervilleReport on the Petition of William D. Gould and others for a charter for a railroad from North Anson to connect with the Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad, at or near West Waterville1853
216Williams, Clifford and othersAn Act to annex Dearborn Plantation to the Town of Waterville and the remonstrance of Clifford Williams and others1843
217Winslow SelectmenReport on the Petition of Paul Brown and others that all that part of the Town of Winslow which lies between Sebasticook and Kennebec Rivers may be annexed to the Town of Waterville and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Winslow1848
218Young, AsaPetition of, to be set off from Dearborn and annexed to Waterville1821
219Young, AsaAn Act to set off Asa Young from the Town of Dearborn and annex him to Waterville1822
220Young, AsaPetition of, to be set off from Dearborn and annexed to Waterville1822

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