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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26Report and Communication from Daniel Williams relative to1840
27Communication from President of the Board of Internal Improvements transmitting copies of a report of the survey of a Railroad route from Portland to Lake Champlain1840
28Secretary of State - Communications, 18551855
29Communication and letter of non-acceptance of Jason Weeks of Bangor as an Executive Councilor1855
30Communications relative to Militia Major General1855
3117th U. S. InfantryReport that the communication of Abner Wade for State Aid be referred to the Governor and Council1864
32Academies, Schools and CollegesCommunications regarding school reports and living conditions of the Indians1862
33Academies, Schools and CollegesCommunication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
34Acts and ResolvesCommunication from the Executive Department regarding the transmitted list of Acts and Resolves passed at the present session1865
35Adjournment, Joint Select CommitteeCommunication of the Joint Select Committee on Final Adjournment1863
36Adjutant GeneralCommunication of the Adjutant General regarding the military and arms of the State1862
37Adjutant GeneralCommunication of the Adjutant General regarding the non-commissioning of officers of the ununiformed militia1863
38Adjutant GeneralCommunication of letters of acceptance and refusal of various officers1863
39Adjutant GeneralReport on the communication of the Letters of Acceptance for various offices1864
40Adjutant GeneralCommunication of letters of acceptance of election of certain officers1865
41Adjutant General CommunicationLetter from the Adjutant General and Report of the Committee on the Militia1842
42Adjutant General's CommunicationsCommunications from the Adjutant General regarding the Militia and Militia Major General of the 6th Division1852
43Agriculture, Board ofReport on the Communication of the Secretary of the Board of Agriculture1861
44Agriculture, Board ofCommunication of the Board of Agriculture1862
45Agriculture, Committee onCommunication regarding the final report of the Committee on Agriculture1863
46Alabama ResolutionResolves relating to the Communication from the General Assembly of Alabama concerning the matter between Georgia and Maine1842
47American AsylumCommunication from Secretary of State relative to the American Asylum at Hartford1845
48American AsylumCommunication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
49American Asylum at HartfordCommunication from Secretary of State relative to Report of Directors of the Amercian Asylum at Hartford for the Deaf and Dumb1846
50American Asylum for the Deaf and DumbCommunications from the Secretary of State1861

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