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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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201Governor's CommunicationsGovernor's Communications for 18451845
202Governor's ElectionCommunication on the return of votes for Governor and Senators1863
203Governor's ElectionCommunication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
204Governor's ElectionOrder to notify the Governor of his election and both houses are ready to receive his communications1865
205Governor's MessageRelative to the records of the Northeastern Boundary and the Communication of Gorham Parks1832
206Governor's Message, February 22, 1833Communication from Honorable Peleg Sprague relative to the Resolves respecting the Senators of the United States from the State of Maine1833
207Governor's Message, MilitiaCommunication relative to vacancy of Major General of the 2nd Division due to resignation of Joseph Chandler1832
208Governor's Message, Public LandsCommunication dated January 19, 1831 relative to sale and settlement of Public Lands and Resolutions of various States1831
209Governor's Message, South Carolina ResolutionCommunication regarding South Carolina Resolution on the subjects of the tariff and internal improvements1829
210Governor's MessagesMessages from the Governor concerning several communications1829
211Governor's MessagesReport on the Communication of the Governor on military conditions of the State1862
212Governor's MessagesCommunication of the Governor's Address regarding the military1862
213Governor's Messages and CommunicationsReports as relates to U. S. Senators, military discipline, militia vacancy for 13th Division, and Order for Committee assignments as they relate to the1820
214Governor's Resolutions and CommunicationsOrder for the Committee to report on1824
215Governor, Bust ofReport on the communications of Edward Everett and others regarding Henry Dexter, sculptor, for a bust of the Governor to be purchased1862
216Governor, Waiting OnOrder that the Committee selected to wait upon the Governor inform him they are ready for any communication he may wish to make1822
217Governor`s CommunicationCommunication from the Governor and Reports relative to Communication received from Governor Thomas W. Dorr of the State of Rhode Island (SS)1842
218Hall, Joseph B.Communications from the Secretary of State1861
219Hall, Joseph B.Communication of letters of acceptance and refusal of various officers1863
220Hall, Joseph B.Communication of the Secretary of State on various subjects1863
221Hamlin, HannibalCommunication of H. Hamlin for his resignation as U.S. Senator1861
222Harrison, William Henry, President of the United StatesGovernor's Communication and Order relative to the decease of President William Henry Harrison1841
223Hartford, ConnecticutCommunication from Secretary of State relative to Report of Directors of the Amercian Asylum at Hartford for the Deaf and Dumb1846
224Healey, HalsyCommunication from, as to his travel to attend Senate Session1830
225Hodsdon, John L.Communication of the Adjutant General regarding the non-commissioning of officers of the ununiformed militia1863

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