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Aroostook County — 1840

Towns included: Amity (p. 93A); Belfast Academy Grant (p. 77A); Bridgewater Academy Grant (p. 81A); Fort Fairfield (p. 65A); Framingham Academy Grant (p. 82A); Hodgdon (p. 85A); Houlton (p. 69A); Linneus (p. 91A); Madawaska, north of the St. John River (p. 45A); Madawaska, south of the St. John River (p. 99A); New Limerick (p. 78A); Orient Gore (p. 96A); Plymouth Grant (p. 64A); Plymouth & Eaton Grants, First Range (p. 62A); Smyrna (p. 75A); [Township] Letter A, First Range (p. 79A); Township A, Second Range (p. 88A); [Township] Letter A, Fifth Range (p. 57A); [Township] Letter G (p. 65A); [Township] Letter G, Second Range (p. 62A); [Township] Letter H, Second Range (p. 62A); [Townships] Letters H & I, First & Second Ranges (p. 63A); [Township] No. 1, Second Range (p. 95A); [Township] No. 1, Third Range (p. 95A); [Township] No. 1, Fourth Range (p. 94A); [Township] No. 1, Fifth Range (p. 57A); [Township] No. 2, Second Range (p. 90A); [Township] No. 2, Third Range (p. 94A); [Township] No. 2, Fifth Range (called the Irish Township) (p. 57A); [Township] No. 3, Second Range (p. 97A); [Township] No. 3, Sixth & Seventh Ranges (p. 66A); [Township] No. 3, Fifth Range (p. 58A); [Township] No. 4, Fifth Range (or Fish's Township) (p. 59A); [Township] No. 5, Third Range (p. 88A); [Township] No. 6, Fifth Range (p. 60A); Townships No. 7 & 9, Fifth Range (p. 60A); [Township] No. 9 (p. 96A); [Township] No. 10, Fifth Range (p. 60A); [Township] No. 11, First Range (p. 94A); [Township] No. 11, Fifth Range (p. 61A); [Township] No. 13, Fifth Range (p. 61A); Westfield Academy Grant (p. 82A); Weston (p. 89A); Williams College Grant (p. 80A).

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