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Kennebec County — 1840

Towns included (Roll 142): Albion (p. 63B); Augusta (p. 30B); Belgrade (p. 75B); China (p. 95B); Clinton (p. 117A); Clinton Gore (p. 132A); Dearborn (p. 91B); Fayette (p. 163B); Gardiner (p. 1B); Greene (p. 135B); Hallowell (p. 178B); Leeds (p. 152B); Rome (p. 85B); Territory North of Albion (p. 72A); Wayne (p. 144B).

Towns included (Roll 143): Litchfield (p. 220A); Monmouth (p. 203A); Mount Vernon (p. 249B); Pittston (p. 233B); Readfield (p. 260B); Sidney (p. 273A); Vassalborough (p. 289A); Vienna (p. 307B); Wales (p. 216A); Waterville (p. 314A); Windsor (p. 340B); Winslow (p. 331A); Winthrop (p. 352B).

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