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Waldo County — 1840

Towns included: Appleton (p. 274B); Belfast (p. 320B); Belmont (p. 257A); Brooks (p. 248B); Burnham (p. 295A); Camden (p. 208B); Frankfort (p. 225B); Freedom (p. 199B); Gore (p. 299A); Hope (p. 308B); Islesborough (p. 452B); Jackson (p. 187B); Knox (p. 191B); Liberty (p. 378B); Lincolnville (p. 344B); Monroe (p. 440B); Montville (p. 356B); Northport (p. 433A); Palermo (p. 368B); Prospect (p. 385B); Searsmont (p. 266B); Swanville (p. 406B); Territory in Dispute between Palermo and Washington (p. 377B); Thorndike (p. 301B); Troy (p. 281A); Unity (p. 288A); Vinalhaven (p. 419B); Waldo Plantation (p. 414B).

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