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Cumberland County — 1840

Towns included (Roll 137): Bangs Island (Portland) (p. 218A); Crotch Island (Portland) (p. 216A); Hog Island (Portland) (p. 217A); House Island (Portland) (p. 218A); Jewells Island (Portland) (p. 216A); Little Chebeague Island (Portland) (p. 217A); Long Island (Portland) (p. 216A); Peaks Island (Portland) (p. 217A); Portland (ward 1) (p. 201A); Portland (ward 2) (p. 184A); Portland (ward 3) (p. 172A); Portland (ward 4) (p. 157A); Portland (ward 5) (p. 143A); Portland (ward 6) (p. 128A); Portland (ward 7) (p. 110A).

Towns included (Roll 138): Baldwin (p. 221A); The Cape (p. 305A); Freeport (p. 346A); Harpswell (p. 374A); Harrison (p. 364A); Minot (p. 384A); Naples (p. 307A); New Gloucester (p. 313A); North Yarmouth (p. 327A); Poland (p. 260A); Pownal (p. 225A); Raymond (p. 294A); Scarborough (p. 276A); Sebago (p. 229A); Standish (p. 247A).

Towns included (Roll 139): Bridgton (p. 505A); Brunswick (p. 557A); Cape Elizabeth (p. 585A); Cumberland (p. 484A); Danville (p. 495A); Durham (p. 470A); Falmouth (p. 457A); Gore between Gray & Raymond (p. 556A); Gorham (p. 520A); Gray (p. 544A); Otisfield (p. 406A); Westbrook (p. 416A); Windham (p. 440A).

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