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Hancock County — 1840

Towns included: Amherst (p. 350A); Aurora (p. 352A); Bakers Island (Cranberry Isles) (p. 293A); Beach Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Bear Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Bear Island (Mount Desert) (p. 284A); Black Island (unincorporated island) (p. 178A); Bluehill (p. 157B); Brooksville (p. 184A); Bucksport (p. 213B); Butter Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Calf Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Castine (p. 298A); Conway's Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Conway's Island [second enumeration under this name; perhaps Conrey's Island was intended] (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Cranberry Isles (p. 293A); Deanfield, or Plantation No. 1, North Division Bingham's Purchase (p. 356A); Dedham (p. 244A); Deer Isle (p. 194A); Duck Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Eagle Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Eastbrook (p. 268A); Eden (p. 286A); Ellsworth (p. 332A); Franklin (p. 261B); Gotts Island (Mount Desert) (p. 283A); Gouldsborough (p. 252A); Grand Falls Passadumkeag (Township No. 2, North Division Bingham's Purchase) (p. 355A); Greenfield (p. 354A); Hacketash Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Hancock (p. 264B); Harbor Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Harbor Island [second enumeration under this name] (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Hardwood Island (Seaville) (p. 295A); Hog Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Holbrook Island (unincorporated island) (p. 180A); Johns Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Little Spruce Head Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Long Island (unincorporated island) (p. 178A); Mariaville (p. 348A); Marshalls Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Matinicus Island (unincorporated island) (p. 180A); Matinicus Rock (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Mount Desert (p. 273A); Orland (p. 235A); Otis (p. 346A); Pages Mills Settlement (Strip on Passadumkeag River, North of Township No. 1 Bingham's Purchase) (p. 355A); Penobscot (p. 305A); Pickerings Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Placentia Island (unincorporated island) (p. 178A); Plantation No. 7 (p. 251A); Plantation No. 10 (p. 260A); Plantation No. 16 (see recapitulation, p. 261A); Pond Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A); Seaville (p. 295A); Sedgwick (p. 316A); Spruce Head Island (unincorporated island) (p. 177A); Sullivan (p. 248A); Surry (p. 171A); Swans Island (p. 358B); Tinkers Island (Seaville) (p. 295A); Township No. 21, West Division Bingham's Purchase (p. 353A); Township No. 33, West Division Bingham's Purchase (p. 353A); Trenton (p. 150A); Waltham (p. 347A); Wetmore Isle (p. 231B); Wooden Ball Island (unincorporated island) (p. 179A).

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