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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Report on the Petition for compensation for the time and expenses in coming to Augusta to present the Petition of the settlers of Monticello1836
2Report on the Petition that they may be incorporated as the Hook and Ladder Company in Augusta1837
3Report on the Petition relative to a Resolve in favor of Augusta High School1838
4Report on the Petition relative to the confinement of one Tappan in the jail at Augusta and to render him relief and restore him to liberty1839
5Report on the Petition of the Selectmen of Augusta and Aaron N. McKeen and family for, and also in same report, Loring Cushing, Guardian for Solomon Thayer expenses and John T. Patterson expenses for loss of horse while in Service1840
6Report on an Act to establish a police court in the City of Augusta1855
716th Maine InfantryA bill that compensation be granted Mrs. Charles R. Hutchins of Augusta for expenses of her late husband while in service of the state1864
8Academies, Schools and CollegesAn Act to change the name of the Corporation called the Augusta High School to Augusta Classical School1844
9Academies, Schools and CollegesAn Act granting further powers to the Augusta Village District1848
10Academies, Schools and CollegesAn Act giving further powers to the Augusta Village School District1849
11Arsenal, AugustaSee Augusta Arsenal 1834 PS 101-35
12Atherton, PeterAn Act to set off a part of the homestead farm of Peter Atherton from the City of Augusta and annex it to the City of Hallowell1852
13AugustaSee Cook, Daniel 1821 GY 5-32
14AugustaOrder to bring papers forward from last Legislature in regard to a deed for a lot of land1825
15AugustaAn Act to divide the South Parish and to establish the East Parish in1826
16AugustaSee Fletcher, Amos and others 1830 GY 63-15
17AugustaSee Kennebec River Obstructions 1833 GY 77-24
18AugustaAn Act to empower the Town of, to raise money for certain purposes1833
19AugustaAn Act creating the village of, into a Corporation1835
20AugustaSee Smith, Abijah and others 1835 GY 94-17
21AugustaResolve in favor of Job Springer1841
22AugustaReport on the Order relative to the claim of Cyrus Briggs against the State1841
23AugustaResolve in favor of James P. Philbrook1841
24AugustaPetition of Charles J. Wingate relative to navigation on the Kennebec River1842
25AugustaResolve to enable the guardian of the heirs of Delafayette Ballard to reform a deed1842

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