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51AugustaAn Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the City of Augusta1850
52AugustaReport on the Petition of Jeremiah Fisk for a release to him from the State of its interest in certain property1850
53AugustaReport relative to removing the seat of government from Augusta to Portland1850
54AugustaResolve in favor of Eunice Shapleigh and others1852
55AugustaAn Act to dissolve the bonds of matrimony between Adaline Pearson and Albert Pearson (No Petition)1852
56AugustaReport on the Petition of the Mayor of the City of Augusta and others for an amendment of the City Charter1852
57AugustaAn Act to set off a part of the homestead farm of Peter Atherton from the City of Augusta and annex it to the City of Hallowell1852
58AugustaReport on the Petition of Isaac Sandford that a part of his farm situated in Augusta may be set off and annexed to the Town of Kennebec1852
59AugustaReport on a Resolve in favor of John K. Killsa1853
60AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Maine Insurance Company1853
61AugustaReport on the Petition of Augusta Ann Bessey of Augusta for a divorce from Thomas Bessey1853
62AugustaReport on the Petition of Thomas Wadsworth and others for a repeal of the Acts amendatory of the City Charter of Augusta1853
63AugustaReport on the Petition of Ephraim Brown that he may be remunerated for services in the Aroostook Expedition of 1839 as Assistant Quarter Master General and Commissary1853
64AugustaReport on the Petition of Isaac H. Hunt for remuneration for sufferings while confined in the Insane Hospital1854
65AugustaReport on the Petition of Edmund D. Norcross that additional pay for putting up gas pipes in the State House, be allowed him1854
66AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Spring Garden Oil Cloth Carpet Company1854
67AugustaReport on the Petition of Isaac Gage for an Act of incorporation with his Associates as the Caloric Navigation Company1854
68AugustaReport on the Petition of John H. Ingraham in behalf of the Trustees of Cony Female Academy, for aid1854
69AugustaReport on the Petition of J. K. Killsa that compensation be rendered him for services to a member of the Legislature in 1849 and remonstrance of George Hathaway1854
70AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Glen Mills Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1855
71AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Mechanic Association1855
72AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Spring Brook Manufacturing Company1855
73AugustaAn Act to change the name of James Howard Prentice of Augusta to James Howard1861
74AugustaReport on an Order to provide wooden barracks for troops in Augusta1862
75AugustaAn Act in amendment of the Act to incorporate the City of Augusta1862

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