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76AugustaReport on an Order to provide wooden barracks for troops in Augusta1862
77AugustaResolve in favor of distributing blankets to the soldiers now encamped at Augusta1862
78AugustaAn Act to amend "An Act in amendment of the Act to incorporate the City of Augusta", approved March 1, 18621862
79AugustaAn Act authorizing the City of Augusta to exempt certain property from taxation1863
80AugustaReport on the petition of Luther Reed and others to amend an Act creating the Trustees of the Reed School Fund1863
81AugustaA bill that the Post Commander prohibit the sale of intoxicating drinks within the precincts of this command1864
82AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Maine Manufacturing Company1864
83AugustaA bill that compensation be granted Mrs. Charles R. Hutchins of Augusta for expenses of her late husband while in service of the state1864
84AugustaAn Act authorizing the Portland and Kennebec Railroad Company to extend the tracks of its road in Augusta1864
85AugustaResolve relating to Cony U.S. General Hospital1865
86AugustaReport on a bill for a charter for a horse railroad and turnpike between Augusta and Hallowell1865
87AugustaAn Act to incorporate the Williams Fraternity1865
88Augusta and Bangor Stage CompanyAn Act to incorporate the1823
89Augusta and Bangor Stage CompanyAn Act in addition to an Act to incorporate the1835
90Augusta and Boston Steam Transportation CompanyAn Act for the incorporation of the Augusta and Boston Steam Transportation Company1845
91Augusta and Hallowell Gas Light CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Augusta and Hallowell Gas Light Company1855
92Augusta and New York Navigation CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Augusta and New York Navigation Company (No Petition)1855
93Augusta Aqueduct CompanySee Nason, Mark and others 1830 GY 62-26
94Augusta ArsenalAn Act to cede to the United States of America, jurisdiction over the1834
95Augusta BankSee Banks 1820 RS 1-10
96Augusta BankAn Act revoking the charter of the1821
97Augusta BankPetition of Joel Ellis for the establishment of the1823
98Augusta BankSee Hallowell and Augusta Bank 1824 PS 28-29
99Augusta BankAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the President, Directors and Company of the1827
100Augusta BankSee Banking Corporations 1831 PS 80-126

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