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26ClaimsResolve relating to the claims of this State for expenditures in protecting its Northeastern Boundary (SS)1842
27ClaimsReport on the Petition of Francis Bowman and others for remuneration for timber cut on Township 7, Range 7 WELS1843
28ClaimsReport on the Petition of Francis Weeks that he may be remunerated for damage sustained in consequence of a road being laid out across his lands by order of the Land Agent in Township 5, Range 6 BKP WKR1843
29ClaimsResolve relating to certain claims under the Treaty of Washington1843
30ClaimsReport on the Petition of Robert Day and others that a pension may be allowed the widow and children of Simon Dodge in consequence of injuries received in the War of 1812 which caused his death1843
31ClaimsReport on the Petition of William Johnston for remuneration for damages done to his property by the State1843
32ClaimsReport on the Petition of John Dunn that the balance of his claim may be allowed1843
33ClaimsResolve authorizing the Treasurer of the State to purchase or invest in the purchase of certificates of stock, the proceeds of the claims of this State against the Government of the United States1843
34ClaimsReport on the Petition of Andrew Pease that remuneration may be granted him for grass purchased of the State1843
35ClaimsResolve in favor of Benjamin Brown1844
36ClaimsResolve in favor of Jeremiah Smith1844
37ClaimsReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of Ripley that they may be compensated for supplies furnished for the Aroostook Expedition1844
38ClaimsReport on the Petition of John N. Hovey for remuneration for certain expenditures1844
39ClaimsReport on the Petition of Hiram Braddock that the State will remunerate him for improvements made on Lot 46 in Township F, Range 2 WELS1844
40ClaimsReport on the Petition of W. Lyman Clark asking remuneration of expenses while taking care of a sick Indian of the Penobscot Tribe1844
41ClaimsReport on the Petition of Charles Hutchins that additional compensation be allowed him for distributing documents in 1839 and 18401844
42ClaimsReport on the Petition of Samuel Hooper asking for remuneration for services rendered in the Aroostook Expedition1844
43ClaimsReport on the Petition of Barker Baker for repayment of a fine1844
44ClaimsReport on the Petition of William McDowell that the claim of William Colomy against the State for services in the Aroostook Expedition may be allowed and paid1844
45ClaimsReport on the Petition of Henry Green and others for compensation for services rendered the State in the Aroostook War1845
46ClaimsReport on the Petition of Catherine J. D. O. Farnsworth that a compensation be allowed her for teaching children living on the Gore between Standish and Raymond during the winters of 1840 through 18441845
47ClaimsReport on the Petition of Columbus Crockett for remuneration for services to the State1845
48ClaimsReport on the Petition of Isaac Davenport that land may be granted him as a remuneration for services of his father as a Revolutionary Soldier1845
49ClaimsReport on the Petition of Thomas Littlefield for compensation for his services as President of a Court Martial1845
50ClaimsReport on the Petition of Francis Holden for compensation for services in 18391845

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